M’sian Influencer Responded After Being Slammed for Wearing Traditional Dress Without Pants


Malaysian influencer Ms Puiyi has apologised after being slammed for wearing Vietnamese cultural dress without pants.

Here’s what happened.

Who Is Ms Puiyi?

Before we jump into the drama, some context on who she is would make everything less surprising.

Ms Puiyi, also known as Siew Pui Yi, built an online following by posting provocative pictures of herself.

She gained even more followers in January 2022 when she appeared on the cover of the January edition of United States’ Penthouse magazine.

FYI, that magazine is targeted at men, and features pictures of very scantily clad women.

The 23-year-old Malaysian has over 615,000 Facebook followers and more than 17.3 million Instagram followers.


Provocative Take on Cultural Dress Disrespected Vietnamese Culture

Siew flew to Da Nang, Vietnam from Singapore on 2 April. She stayed at a resort near Ha My Beach in Hoi An.

On 4 April, she posted two pictures of her wearing an ao dai, the cultural dress of Vietnam, on her social media platforms.

You might wonder: she was simply releasing lanterns onto the Hoai River and immersing herself in Vietnamese culture. What’s wrong with that?

Well, the ao dai is a traditional long dress with slits on the sides, and is meant to be worn with a pair of trousers underneath.

However, Siew decided to not wear the trousers, and posed in the cultural dress like how she would in a bikini.

Image: Ms Puiyi
Image: Ms Puiyi

Yep, you can see why the context given at the start of this article made her actions less surprising. 

Vietnamese netizens understandably saw this immodest take on their costume as inappropriate and offensive. They started accusing her of disrespecting their culture, and demanded Siew take the pictures down.

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“Will Be More Sensitive to Local Cultures”

Siew has since taken down the photos and apologised for her actions.

She posted her apology on Facebook on 6 April, and wrote the apology in Vietnamese, English and Chinese.

She apologised for her offensive actions, and added that she’ll be more sensitive toward local cultures in her future content. Siew also thanked the Vietnamese people for her wonderful experiences there, and thanked her fans for their unconditional support.

You can read her full apology here:

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Featured Image: Ms Puiyi


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