Healing the Divide Founder Iris Koh Granted Permission to Leave S’pore to Seek Alternative Cancer Treatment


If you didn’t know, the anti-vaxxer Iris Koh is reportedly suffering from thyroid cancer, along with an immune system disorder.

She requested to go to Malaysia for a month to seek alternative cancer treatment, and her request has been approved after more information was submitted.

Want To Find Way to Save Thyroid Glands

The founder of anti-vaccine group Healing the Divide, Iris Koh, is currently on bail for an ongoing court case relating to her anti-vaxxer activities.

She has requested to go to Malaysia between 19 June to 22 July to seek treatment for thyroid cancer. However, in a recent update, she had shortened her travel period, and it’ll now be between 24 June to 17 July.

It was revealed that Koh has been recommended by Singapore General Hospital to undergo surgery to remove her thyroid glands to treat her condition.

However, Koh wants to seek a second opinion from foreign doctors to find a way to save her thyroid glands. According to more information submitted, it was because Koh earned a living as a choir conductor and vocal coach.

As the surgery to remove her thyroid glands is very near her vocal chords, she fears it may affect her voice and livelihood.

In addition to her thyroid cancer, Koh is also suffering from Graves’ Disease, which is an immune system disorder that affects the thyroid glands.

Thus, she made appointments at Mahkota Medical Centre in Malacca, where a doctor is expected to recommend an alternative treatment plan.

Previously, she had also filed requests to visit two other medical centres, but has since scrapped those plans.

If you want to read more about her previous plans, which were considered a “flight risk”, you can click here.

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Approved With Additional Cash Bail and Full Itinerary

District Judge Ng Peng Hong approved her request to travel, subject to a few conditions.

Firstly, an additional cash bail of $30,000 will be imposed. This is on top of her current bail of $20,000, which was paid by her husband Raymond Ng.

She also needs to provide full details of her travel itinerary to her investigation officer, and must remain contactable while abroad. Upon returning, she will provide supporting documents on her treatment, and surrender her passport again.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Iris Koh)