Iris Koh Happily Announced That She Has Contracted COVID-19

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If anyone has been curious why Iris Koh, the founder of the anti-vaccine group Healing the Divide has been so quiet recently, it’s because she’s been focusing on the Boy versus Ong Ye Kung case.

That, and because she and her husband have tested COVID positive.

In Koh’s words on her Facebook post, “I’m very happy to announce that after many days of living with a COVID positive spouse, I [have] finally tested positive today!”

She’s very positive about COVID, indeed.

Her Symptoms and Misconceptions

Koh proceeds to tell the world that besides having a day of fever and a few days of sore throat, she feels alright for the most part and her olfactory senses are still in order.

Thank you for the information, no one asked.

The main issue with her announcement is that after listing her symptoms, Koh writes, “So it’s not true that those vaccinated have lighter symptoms. I dare say that those unvaccinated have light symptoms too.”

There are a few things to address with regards to this line:

  1. Before vaccines were created, it has already been proven that people with different constitutions can be asymptotic or have milder symptoms. This has been a known fact.
  2. Vaccinations help to bolster the immunity against COVID-19, which allows for vaccinated individuals to have milder symptoms, as opposed to more possible severe symptoms if they were unvaccinated.
  3. Koh is frankly very lucky that she caught the tail end of the COVID-19 waves, because the dominant Omicron variant has been widely proven to cause milder symptoms.

Koh is really, genuinely lucky that she didn’t catch the earlier versions of COVID-19 which have been proven to be far more fatal for unvaccinated persons.

Furthermore, the main problem with unvaccinated people is that they have a higher risk of transmitting the infection to others, beyond the symptoms they may or may not have.

For the Delta variant especially, unvaccinated people are five times more likely to be hospitalised, and eight times more likely to die, according to Dr Jeremy Faust, a physician at Brigham and Women’s hospital and an instructor at Harvard Medical School.

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The Asterisk After Exemption from Vaccination

Her own experience seems to be a shining example that fortifies her own cause because she declares, “As a proud member of the unvaccinated community, we will always be the control group to check and balance the safety and efficiency of our current vaccines.”

Koh then wonders why they should risk “potentially more than 1,000 side effects [from the vaccine] for a relatively mild case of COVID-19”.

In the comments, she adds, “And I believe that because I got COVID naturally, I may have immunity for life.”

To end her post, she proudly attaches her TraceTogether Interface, which shows that she has been “Exempted from vaccination*”.

Image: (Iris Koh)

Madam, I have two pieces of bad news for you.


One, whether you’re vaccinated or not (sadly), you still stand a chance of getting COVID-19 again.

Two, the asterisk placed after your COVID Health Status is only valid for 180 days.

Afterwards, you’ll be deemed unvaccinated and the Vaccination-Differentiated Safety Management Measures that you loathe so much will still apply to you.

The Ministry of Health will then advise you to get your vaccination and booster shots accordingly.

With that being said, have a nice day.


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