Dee Kosh, Who Has Been Active on Twitch, is Now Banned on the Platform


For the die-hard fans of the once-sensational local YouTuber (if there are still any of you left out there), relax.

Dee Kosh hasn’t got into any more trouble (yet).

He has, however, been banned from Twitch, a streaming platform.

If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea why I’m referring to Dee Kosh as a prominent figure of Singapore’s YouTube scene in the past, here’s all you need to know in order to catch up with whatever I’m about to discuss next.

TL;DR: He’s been charged with sexual offences, and deleted his video explaining his absence a while after posting it.

Since then, he’s been staying off the YouTube scene, and instead turned to streaming platform Twitch to connect with his audience.


However, it seems like his second chance at fame on a video-sharing social media platform has been cut short, for the platform decided to ban him.

Dee Kosh Banned From Twitch

On 16 March, the 33-year-old former DJ and YouTuber took to Instagram to reveal that Twitch had banned him from their platform.

He also took the chance to clarify why he had not posted on the platform for a while.

Image: Instagram (@deekosh)

In his Instagram story, he posted a screenshot of a follower asking him through Instagram Direct Message why he was not streaming.


Dee Kosh, whose real name is Darryl Ian Koshy, also revealed that he had “lost all the money and followers on twitch”.


He then further highlighted the fact that Twitch did not inform him as to why he was banned from the platform, and that he was “banned for life”.

If you try to visit Dee Kosh’s Twitch channel page now, you’ll find that his channel is currently listed as “unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service”.

Second Account Banned As Well

And because there’s no stopping Dee Kosh (I mean, not every local YouTuber suddenly revives their YouTube account after being cancelled), he also attempted to create another account on Twitch.

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However, this attempt at reestablishing his presence on the platform was short-lived, as that account also got banned two days after Dee Kosh set it up.

Image: Instagram (@deekosh)

He took to Instagram stories (again) to lament about the situation and also asked for suggestions as to what other platforms he could use to continue streaming.

Who knows, maybe we’ll end up seeing Dee Kosh streaming himself gaming on OnlyFans someday?

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