Healing the Divide’s Iris Koh & a Doctor Charged for Cheating MOH With Fake Vaccination Records


Lest you’re not aware, Healing the Divide’s founder, Iris Koh, has repeatedly claimed that she’s not an anti-vaxxer, but an intelligent vaxxer.

Well, it turns out that she’s so intelligent, she managed to find a way to create fake vaccination records.

Except that the Ministry of Health is much more intelligent.

Healing the Divide’s Iris Koh & a Doctor Charged for Cheating MOH With Fake Vaccination Records

Usually, you won’t hear any court cases on a Sunday, but today is an exception: Ms Koh is being charged in court with two other people today.

According to a police statement, they had arrested Ms Koh and two other men aged 40 and 33 for falsified vaccination records to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

There are also eight more people involved in the conspiracy.

So, what happened? Did Ms Koh encourage people to overwhelm a hotline or vaccine centre again? Did she make a police report again because MOH made a police report? Did she sue the Government again with Mercedes owner M Ravi?

No: this time, it could be much, much worse.

It all started when MOH received anonymous feedback in December 2021, and after investigations, they lodged a police report on 21 January 2022.

Ms Koh had allegedly referred members from the Healing the Divide group to a clinic, Wan Medical Clinic in Bedok, whereby they would be able to get falsified COVID-19 vaccination records.

The doctor in question, 33-year-old Dr Jipson Quah, who’s also one of the men being charged, allegedly submitted false information to the National Immunisation Registry to indicate that COVID-19 vaccines had been administered to these members, when they had in fact not received such vaccinations.


The clinic also allegedly provided “remote” antigen rapid test (ART) pre-event testing.

For an pre-event ART to be valid, one would have to conduct the test in the clinic in real-time by a professional, but the clinic reportedly allowed people to submit videos or photos to prove that they’ve done the test.

The other person who was charged was Dr Quah’s assistant, a 40-year-old man.

With that, MOH has issued notices of suspension to four medical clinics licensed to Dr Quah or where he was a clinic manager, pending the outcome of investigations. They are Wan Medical Clinic in Bedok, Mayfair Medical Clinic in Woodlands, Mayfair Medical Clinic in Chong Pang, and Ong Clinic and Surgery in Yishun.

In addition, MOH has also revoked the ART approval for the clinics.

Dr Quah will also be referred to the Singapore Medical Council for further investigations.

As for Ms Koh…erm, you can bet that she’s going to fight against the charges, because do you know that she’s now suing the Government, too?

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Suing the S’pore Gov For Violating Human Rights

Ms Koh grabbed the headlines after MOH brought attention to her community—Healing the Divide—which it said has a history of posting and sharing content that perpetuates falsehoods and misleading information about COVID-19 and vaccines.

It was for this reason that YouTube allegedly removed its content from the platform, something which MOH “welcomed”.

Ms Koh, who described herself as “intelligent vaxxer” as opposed to an anti-vaxxer, didn’t take too kindly to this, and engaged a lawyer, M Ravi, to sue the government for violating her human rights.


She said her community has many people who are vaccinated, and claims they joined because they “either suffered from injuries after taking the vaccines, or have loved ones who died after taking the vaccine.”

Oh, wells. Maybe these members are indeed “vaccinated”—by Dr Quah.

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