Jack Neo’s 2018 CNY Movie is Liang Xi Mei & Its ‘Trailer’ is Out


What do you remember from Liang Xi Mei? For me, it’s the phrase, “伤脑筋 / Shang Nao Jin” (Translation: this is a major headache).

News first came last November that Liang Xi Mei, starring Jack Neo will be released during the Chinese New Year period in 2018.

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Fast forward to today, we’re about a month away from Chinese New Year and that means  Liang Xi Mei will be in cinemas very soon! mm2 Entertainment Channel released a ‘trailer’ on their site a couple of days back:

The exact title of the movie featuring Liang Xi Mei is called “旺得福 梁细妹 / Wang De Fu Liang Xi Mei” which literally translates to “Wonderful Liang Xi Mei” in English.

In the above video, we get to see our beloved Liang Po Po too, who was the lead character played by Jack Neo in another movie called “梁婆婆 重出江湖” (Translation: Granny Liang returns to the real world).

I can’t believe Liang Po Po’s film was released in 1999. To be exact, 11 February 1999. That’s about 19 YEARS AGO! Definitely feeling old but oh, those memories.

So we’re not too sure what’s the storyline for “Wonderful Liang Xi Mei” because the ‘trailer’ doesn’t show anything related to the movie. But what we do know is that Liang Xi Mei is trying her very best to land herself in a movie with Director Jack Neo.

Image: youtube.com

So Director Jack Neo reminds Liang Xi Mei that she actually made a guest appearance for Liang Po Po’s film in 1999. But Liang Xi Mei complains that her screen time was too short back then.

Image: youtube.com

Then Liang Po Po enters the scene calling Liang Xi Mei an “old timer”, shamelessly asking for a role to be in the movies.

Image: youtube.com

But then, she reveals her own intentions…

Image: youtube.com

Then they went back and forth bickering until Liang Xi Mei promises to bring her whole family for the production, for FREE.

Image: youtube.com

And it ends with Director Jack Neo promoting the movie as family-friendly.

Image: youtube.com

So how? Will you support local production?

Or are you waiting for Ah Boys to Men 5 to hit the shores?

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Featured image: mm2 Entertainment Channel Youtube