Jacky Wu Starts Vlog; Shows Off His Bentley & His Life

Image: YouTube (Jacky Wu)


Before Running Man, SGAG or NOC, we get our laughs from just one man.

Jacky Wu.

The multi-talented host, whose variety show was often aired in Channel U on Monday night, was our go-to for entertainment on the small screen.

Lest you’re so young that you’ve no idea who that is, here’s a clip that might convert you into a fan:

His cold jokes were something that we looked forward every week.

But as time passed, we left TV for smartphone, and to many of us, this entertaining host also left our life.

What you didn’t know is that he’s still active.


Active in TV…

Lest you’re not aware, the “见鬼了!” king is still a very sought-after host. Despite the end of the highly popular Guess in 2012, the hardworking 56-year-old, who wakes up at 5:00 a.m. daily and works till midnight, is still hosting three variety shows in 2019.

And fans of him would know that he runs many businesses as well, including restaurants, gyms and an artist management company. For your info, he’s also the one who discovered Jay Chou, and released Chou’s first album with his then record company.

It’s no surprise that he’s rich AF: he’s allegedly worth USD$30 million.

…and on Social Media

But what you confirm-plus-chop didn’t know is that the old uncle is also very active online.

He posts regularly on his Facebook and Instagram Pages, and recently, he used social media to criticise a prosecutor, as he thought his daughter had been treated unfairly after being cyberbullied / defamed.

Before you think he’s a helicopter parent, hold your horse: he’s so strict to his children that once, he once openly criticised his son for making a mistake online.

So what’s with all the blabbering about a host we’ve once idolised?

He’s started a vlog, and that means he’s technically going on our phone.

Started Vlog

Let’s face it: we’re all not interested in seeing Jacky Wu images in Instagram. He’s not an influencer.

We want to see his videos online.

It’d even be better if it’s unfiltered.

Well, your wish has been fulfilled.

Just yesterday, he announced on Facebook about his latest vlog.

Though I’ve got to admit: it’s not that funny, compared to his hosting gigs.

However, we get to see a few things, like his car…

Image: YouTube (Jacky Wu)

…how he interacted with others…

Image: YouTube (Jacky Wu)

…and…nothing else.

So why is Goody Feed suggesting that we check it out? Has Goody Feed run out of things to write?

The answer for the second question is yes, and for the first question, here’s why: it’s still new, so Jacky Wu might not know when to joke or whatnot.

Given his nature of inserting one laugh-die-me joke out of nowhere, I’m 101% sure that it’ll soon be as good as Guess.

And it’s on our phone.

You should check it out here:


And in the meantime, you can also check out our YouTube channel as well lah.

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