Jacqueline Wong’s Completed Variety Programme Would Also Be Reshot

Previously on Lovers in the Taxi, we knew that Roxanne Tong has taken over Jacqueline Wong’s role in drama Forensic Heroes IV.

Breakdown of the whole saga

Once again, the entire summary:

  • Andy Hui, 51 (who’s married to Sammi Cheng, 46) and Jacqueline Wong, 31 (attached to Kenneth Ma, 45) engaged in some frisky action in the backseat of a taxi
  • There was a hidden camera recording their every movement
  • The video was leaked to Apple Daily
  • Andy Hui issued a public apology
  • Jacqueline Wong kept quiet on social media
  • Sammi Cheng implicitly forgave Andy Hui
  • Kenneth defended Jacqueline in an interview
  • TVB, Hong Kong television station, announced to replace Jacqueline Wong in upcoming drama Forensic Heroes IV
  • Replacement is to be Jacqueline’s good friend Roxanne Tong
  • Rumours spread while Jacqueline disappeared in public eye
  • Jacqueline spotted at Los Angeles International Airport
  • GoodyFeed Writer calls Jacqueline Wong pregnancy rumour bullshit

Programme in Malaysia to be re-shot

In adding on to the list of unnecessary things to do but someone has to do it anyway just because, Chris Lai Lok Yi’s (黎诺懿) 10-episode Cantonese travel show “Men’s Kitchen” (懿想得到), which has filmed in locations like Thailand, Singapore, India, Turkey, Japan, France and Malaysia, needs to be re-shot.

Image: Jacqueline Wong Instagram

Jacqueline was featured on 1 of the 2 episodes in Malaysia, and those scenes with her will be completely removed, replaced by Lai’s good friend Mat Yeung (杨明).

The locations featured in Malaysia include George Town, Ipoh and the federal capital.

Half of the expenses for the trip to Malaysia is actually sponsored by Tourism Malaysia, with a trip to Malaysia lasting around 5 days, according to Lai.

In unconfirmed sources, producer Wong Wai Sing’s new drama, Finding the Voice might also need to re-shoot certain scenes.

At this point, I wonder if there really was a need to do all these things for an actor that more than half the world doesn’t give a shit about (sorry Jacqueline, but I didn’t know who you were before writing all these).

Why the need to re-shoot

In a Straits Times article, it is said that Forensic Heroes IV wouldn’t be approved by Chinese authorities as it features an actress caught in a cheating scandal.

It is likely that other shows with Jacqueline Wong are in similar situations.

Online netizens are calling the scandal the OnSum Incident (安心事件), and comments are less pretty than my future.

On 20 April, there was even a Facebook group and petition for Jacqueline Wong to terminate contracts with her manager (“要求无线与黄心颖即时终止经纪人合约“), with the nickname “Operation Expel Fox” (“驱狐行动“).

In the petition, 3 demands were asked:

  1. Terminate contract between TVB and Jacqueline’s Manager (“即时终止无线与黄小姐经纪人合约”
  2. Repeal Miss Hong Kong 2012 Runner-up Title (“考虑褫夺其2012年香港小姐亚军资格”)
  3. A face to face public apology (“要求黄心颖真人露面向公众道歉”)

Lai Lok Yi has also been criticised by netizens for posting anything related to Jacqueline.

Image: Lai Lok Yi’s Instagram

Basically, the potential backlash simply for the reason that there is a face people didn’t like in the show, resulted in all these re-shooting.

A Content Creator’s Heavily Opinionated Comment (SERIOUS)

Any content creator should not be judged based on their real-life personalities, but solely based on the content they produce.

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A piece of content is separate from the content creator. George R.R. Martin killed like a billion people in his novels and sure as hell isn’t a murderer in real life.

To put an extreme example in another field, it would be like if Albert Einstein was a womaniser and people all around decided to not use all his works involving E=mc² and the Theory of Relativity.

I’m sure you can see how ridiculous that is.

As a writer, I don’t want people to like me. That’s a nice bonus, but it’s really not needed. What I DO want is people to like what I write.

Telling me my work is shit because I write like poop is great feedback. That means I have more to learn.

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But telling me my work is shit because I’M shit? That doesn’t tell me anything for how I can actually make my writings better and only serves to hurt people.

Image: Giphy

Not that our Goody readers will be doing this (I hope), but I’m saying to stop bothering Jacqueline Wong already. It’s not benefiting anyone in the world.



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