The Replacement of Jacqueline Wong in Completed Drama is Her Good Friend

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Introducing Lovers in the Taxi (working title), starring Jacqueline Wong, Andy Hui, Sammi Cheng, Kenneth Ma and now even Roxanne Tong, the latest Hong Kong drama that’s been playing out in real life over the past few months.


I’m starting to think us netizens are really just extras in this drama universe. Yes, it’s not over.

Here’s A Quick Flashback

Just in case your internet’s been cut for the past three months and you’re now back online and unfamiliar with the whole cheating-in-a-taxi scandal (if you download the Goody Feed app, you could’ve easily caught up with the scandal from our daily news articles), here’s a quick recap to bring you up to speed:

  • Jacqueline Wong and Andy Hui were caught on camera in the backseat of a taxi holding hands and smooching, both of them being attached at the time – Jacqueline dating Kenneth Ma and Andy having been married to Sammi Cheng for 5 years.
  • Andy cries and apologises on live YouTube, Jacqueline apologised on Instagram, Sammi publicly hinted that she’d forgiven Andy, and Kenneth defended Jacqueline in an interview.
  • Rumours started flying that Sammi was the one who paid the taxi driver to leak the video, some even stating that it was Jacqueline who did it in an attempt to break their marriage.

“What happened again?” you might ask. Well, bear with us as the story’s still going.

Replacement of Jacqueline Wong

In the latest episode of the saga, TVB, a Hong Kong television station, announced that they wanted to replace Jacqueline Wong for her role in their upcoming drama Forensic Heroes IV.

Image: 维基百科

The drama had already finished production at that time and is set to be one of the station’s major productions to be aired in Hong Kong and China this November.

TVB had originally planned on digitally altering Jacqueline Wong’s face but ultimately decided on reshooting the 50 over scenes that she was in as a prominent role, which would cost them a hefty sum of HK$10 million, akin to S$1.73 million.


Imagine having to redo your final year project that consisted of 60% of your final grade because a group mate of yours got into a huge scandal. Anyone would be going crazy, right?

Now, imagine a different scenario where you’re getting booted off the show and having your good friend take over your role.


Double whammy.

Goodbye Jacqueline, Hello Roxanne 

In a move that can be seen in the eyes of many as backstabbing, Roxanne Tong has taken over Jacqueline Wong’s role.

The pair have been good friends for a while now.



She has also reportedly gone for a costume fitting. Talk about efficiency!

The 32-year-old actress said in an interview that she was willing to do anything if the company gives her the opportunity.

“Having a good role is already a good thing, so I won’t concern myself with other things.”

This is probably in reference to the nasty comments about her benefiting from the downfall of Jacqueline despite their friendship, and about being a second choice.

Oh well, work is work.


Goodbye To 4.5kg, Too

When producer Mui Siu Ching knocked on Roxanne’s door with an offer for the role, she came with a request in tow as well – Roxanne is expected to lose 10 pounds, or 4.5kg, before 1 Jun 2019.

Now for those of us who have tried and failed at our weight loss plans, we know just how difficult it is to do so while having to watch over your diet and changing your overall lifestyle to a healthier one.

Anyone would be absolutely dreading having to give up their hokkien mee and char kway teow and swopping it for a nice green salad, much less lose that much weight within only a month.


But, Roxanne, bless her soul, was more than willing to take on the crazy challenge.


It’s Okay

“I don’t have any pressure since my weight fluctuates all the time. Sometimes I’m fat and other times I’m thin. I’ll be OK. Right now, I’m using multiple methods at once: diet, exercise, and massage. In the future, I might be able to release a book on weight loss!” she enthused.

The weight loss doesn’t seem to be Roxanne’s greatest concern, however – she’s more worried about how to portray the role to the best of her abilities and stated that she was working on catching up on all the past episodes of Forensic Heroes.

Perhaps another concern would be how this would possibly strain the friendship between her and Jacqueline.

Can She Do It?

Yes, actually.

According to health professionals, you could indeed lose up to 4.5kg within a month just by making small changes to your lifestyle such as cutting down carbs and adding cardio exercises.


Sounds pretty simple, but I know it’s going to feel like hell.


All I can say is good luck to Roxanne.

To wrap up this week’s episode…

So, Jacqueline’s good friend has taken the role she was forced to leave thanks to the scandal that she’s currently embroiled in. While that’s a big ouch on Jacqueline’s part, I guess the show must go on.

There’s no telling when this drama will finally end, however, it kind of feels like one of those Taiwanese dramas where there are over 1000 episodes instead.


Stay tuned.

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