60YO Man Jailed 20 Months for Performing Sex Act on 14YO Boy Whom He Considered A ‘Grandson’

Sometimes, crimes are ridiculous enough you wonder why people even thought about committing them. 

But people often exceed our imagination, like this case here.

Today (22 June), a 60-year-old man was sentenced to 20 months’ jail after he befriended his grandson’s friend and proceeded to dispense almost daily “life advice”.

Which is all good, if not for the fact that “life advice” apparently included sexually harassing the boy at a staircase landing.


60-Year-Old Jailed 20 Months After Sexually Assaulting Minor

The man, whose name is withheld to protect the boy’s identity, first met the boy at the end of 2019, when he was fetching his grandson from school.

He apparently offered the boy a cigarette, before they bonded and he solicited the boy’s number.

This is weird. Really weird. I might have congratulated him on his game if, you know, he didn’t offer the boy an illegal cigarette. And if he wasn’t 60. And if the boy wasn’t a teenager.

They proceeded to meet six times every week, for about three hours each time, and the boy would sometimes ask the man for cigarettes.

According to the prosecution, the boy “trusted and respected the accused” because he would offer “‘good advice’—such as not to skip school, or not to be rude to his parents.’

Yeah, and consuming cigarettes, apparently.

The boy’s father even met the accused and encouraged him to continue the stream of advice, who promptly agreed and claimed he treated the boy and his younger brother “as his own grandchildren”.

Yeah, that gets really creepy when you think about what he did next. He’s just setting himself up for a charge of incest.

What did he do next? Well, on 19 Jan, the accused met the boy at a void deck before he led him to a staircase landing.

He then sought permission from the boy for sexual acts, which the boy, unsurprisingly, refused. 

But the man insisted on doing so, forcing the boy to undress and having sexual contact with him for about half a minute while the boy stood unsure of what to do.

The boy gave a statement to the police for another incident last February, when he revealed he had been sexually assaulted by the man in question.

The prosecution sought a 20-24 month jail sentence due to the exploitative relationship and the significant age disparity between the two parties.

Featured Image: Dan Henson / Shutterstock.com