In This Japan Company, You Get Extra Pay If You ‘Marry’ an Anime Character

Think you’re a walking Japan encyclopedia?

Well, how about this? You can apparently get legally married to an anime character over there.

Bet you never knew that. Oh wait, you do? Dammit.

Alright, how about this?

A company’s actually offering additional benefits to employees who are married to an anime character.

Hah, I got you proper, didn’t I? I’m betting my boss’ car that your face looks like this now:

Image: Imgflip

How did I know? It’s ‘coz I also had that expression going on.


Akihabara-based tech developer Gatebox is slightly different from other companies, in the sense that they add a little bit to your monthly paycheck if you’re married to a virtual character.

So how much is that little bit, exactly? Well, it’s reported to be an additional 5,000 yen, which amounts to around US$45.

That’s not all either. Gatebox also allows employees to take off on their spouses’ birthdays.

And yes, anime characters in Japan have an official birthday

Incidentally, most companies situated in the land of the Samurai don’t even provide for their employees with real, flesh-and-blood spouses. So Gatebox is being a teeny weeny bit generous here.

Only non-human spouses allowed

Gatebox has explicitly stated that the benefits only apply to applicants with non-human spouses (hand-drawn anime, 3-D animation, video game, and costumed characters are all permitted). In other words, if you have a human wife you can GTFO and live in your realistic spiral of sadness and despair.

The company has also disapproved of harems (most common in Animes, where this more often than not average dude gets swarmed by various hot girls and ends up marrying one or even all of them at the end), and disallowed applicants from submitting multiple marriage registration forms with different partners.

“We ask that you submit paperwork only for the one individual your heart belongs to,” Gatebox stated on its website.

However, the company does not practice gender or species discrimination, as it has allowed same-sex marriages and inter-species ones to go through its stringent policies.

So yeah, elves, beast girls, or any other non-human characters are all fair game.

Worried that others will judge your slightly unconventional marriage to Pikachu? Don’t be, because Gatebox has vowed to keep the contents of marriage registration forms strictly confidential.

They’ve got you covered, bro!

Image: Giphy

Oh stahp it, Pikachu, you’re making me blush too.

How does one apply?

As any legally binding marriage goes, you would need to fill up forms, forms and more forms. Painstaking process, but hey that’s marriage for you.

Luckily, Gatebox has somewhat streamlined the process by offering the necessary documents on its website. There are even four different designs for you to choose from:

From one that looks like the epitome of love…

Image: Gatebox

To one that looks like a CNY advertisement…

Image: Gatebox

To one that wouldn’t look out of place in a Terminator movie…

Image: Gatebox

And one for the Ah Kows and Ah Lians.

Image: Gatebox

The forms ask for a plethora of pretty important questions, ranging from the name of you and your spouse to…

  • how you and your anime crush became acquainted
  • how you became a couple
  • where you proposed
  • your happiest memory together
  • whether the bride will be keeping her maiden name or adopting her husband’s surname

Once the form’s filled up, it can be submitted either by mail or personal delivery to Gatebox’s office, after which your marriage certificate will be mailed to you.

Image: Gatebox

To make the deal even more sweet, the wedding registration form could double as a job application, as Gatebox is currently hiring.

But there’s a catch. Kinda.

Applicants who want to enjoy these benefits are required to submit their marriage registration/job application form by December 7.

That’s around one week from now, for your information.

So what are you waiting for?

If you can find yourself relating to more than 5 points below…

  • sick of the real world
  • sick of real women/men
  • sick of real women/men who tell you, “sorry, bro/brobie. I’ve a date with ma homie Nutella” every time you ask them out on a date
  • sick of Nutella
  • fell in love with an anime character
  • dreams about the aforementioned anime character
  • gets really jealous when the aforementioned anime character gets down and dirty with another anime character
  • contemplating your existence when aforementioned anime character refuses to look at you (the screen) because she/he’s busy making out

I reckon now’s a good time to pack your bags and leave for Japan.

After all, there’s no better time to fulfill your dreams and get a bonus 5,000 yen, ma homie!

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