Japan Rail Operator To Open Retail Outlets In 85% Of Thomson-Line Stations

If you don’t already know, THOMSON-EAST COAST LINE (TEL) IS COMING!!

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It will be opening in 5 stages, starting from this year to 2024.

TEL will have a total of 31 stations, linking East-West Line, North-South Line, North-East Line, Circle Line and Downtown Line.

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Are you as excited as I am, cause I’m super excited!

It is also expected to serve Changi Airport by 2040, a little far from now, but hey, I’m not complaining because……

*Drums roll*

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Japan’s largest train operator, East Japan Railway or JR East will be opening retail shops at 27 TEL stations!

Outsourcing Rail System’s Non-fare Business

For the first time ever, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that they will be outsourcing non-fare business of TEL, which includes advertising and retail spaces.

LTA had explained that they believe this will benefit the long-term financial of the new MRT line.

The 3 associations that were awarded the retail space tender are SMRT Experience Pte Ltd, JR East Business Development SEA Pte Ltd and Alphaplus Investments Pte Ltd.

The advertising operations, however, will be run by Asiaray Connect Ltd.

JR East Business Development SEA Pte Ltd

JR East Business Development SEA is the subsidiary of East Japan Railway Company that runs a number of high-speed rails and regular regional line back in Japan.

They are also the men behind Japan Rail Cafe in Tanjong Pagar.

Image: Japan Rail Cafe

I don’t know about you, but sleep excites me the most, and after that, is anything Japan.

When you talk about Japan, expensive but high-quality food definitely comes to my mind.

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Think fresh sashimi, yakitori, super expensive fruits yet worth every penny.

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And the next good news?

JR East is planning to open shops in 3 stations, Woodlands, Woodlands North and Woodlands South, in December, with the largest shopping area to be in Woodlands.

You lucky North people.

What To Expect?

With their first Japan Rail Cafe opened at Tanjong Pagar, JR East had said that the purpose is to “promote Japan”.

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So I’m guessing more Japanese food, fashion-related products, and maybe Japan rail pass as well?

I’ve done some digging, Japan Rail Cafe serves a bunch of items such as sandwiches, burgers, curry rice and don.


Sounds boring? But hold up! There’s more.

The cafe also serves season menu item such as Twin Gyutan Donburi, which includes both sliced and minced beef tongue, with egg, tomatoes and salad.

image: Facebook Japan Rail Cafe

Once in a while, they enjoy giving free vegetables too!

image: Facebook Japan Rail Cafe

Not Just Food

Despite the name ‘Japan Rail Cafe’, this Japanese concept does not just fill up your tummy; they burn a hole in your wallets as well.

Other than their usual items such as Japanese snacks and fashion-related items…


image: Guocco Tower

…they launch special items for a limited time as well.

image: Facebook Japan Rail Cafe
image: Facebook Japan Rail Cafe

Look at how cute these items are.

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But, these are just my speculation on what might be upcoming.

JR East has yet to release any news on what will be included at TEL.


However, we all know that Japan stores hardly disappoint us.

Just look at Don Don Donki and Daiso.

And don’t worry, pal, Goody Feed promise to update you if there’s any okay?

For now, download our app and come in daily. We promise it’ll be fun.

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