Japanese Lady Effortlessly Eats 7,000 Calories Of Local Food; Feasts On Massive Laksa Bowl


Mukbang, which is a blend of Korean Meokneun (which means eating) and Bangsong (which means broadcast), is a video or live broadcast where someone would eat a large amount of food for entertainment.

Every so often, they would do it in ASMR where background noises are omitted and viewers can hear the person slurping and chewing the food…loudly.

I would say Mukbang is definitely satisfying to watch, but at the same time, I’m always amazed at how one can consume that large amount of food.

7,000 Calories Worth Of Food

When I say a large amount of food, I’m being really serious.

Image: Youtube (Yuka Kinoshita)

The lady here, Yuka Kinoshita, is a popular Mukbang Youtuber.

She recently posted a Mukbang video on 5 September 2019 and stated that she will be eating 7,000 calories worth of Singapore dishes.

The dishes she feasted on included Laksa, Chicken Rice and Kaya Toast.

Laksa Broth Goes Well With Chicken Rice

It is obvious as to how much Kinoshita enjoys laksa as she kept raving about the flavours of the broth.

She even titled her Mukbang video “Singaporean Laksa Noodle is so Delicious!!!”

Image: Youtube (Yuka Kinoshita)

She had also mixed the broth with chicken rice and according to her, these two dishes go really well together.

(What the?!)


She ended her meal with Kaya toast where she emphasized that the huge chunk of butter on the toast is the best part.

Image: Youtube (Yuka Kinoshita)

I must say Kinoshita definitely knows how to enjoy Singapore’s local dishes.

An Avid Fan Of Local Dishes

If you remember, a lady once went viral for eating 14,000 calories worth of food at The Shopees Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

She had visited three different restaurants located at MBS, which includes Black Tap, Spago and Lavo.

Image: Youtube (Yuka Kinoshita)

Before her MBS adventure, she had also done a Mukbang video where she had dishes such as Chicken Wings, Nasi Goreng, Chicken Rice, Wanton Mee, Laksa and Mango Sagos.

All these are said to amount to 6,000 calories.

After seeing her feast on so much food, I told my editor that I’m going to take half-day and go to my neighbourhood hawker centre to eat laksa…

…mixed with chicken rice.