Japanese YouTuber Really Thought Yishun Was ‘Scary’ & Visited It Only to Find It Nice & Cozy


As the saying goes, “There are two types of people in the world.”

While you’ve clicked on this article because you, like every other Singaporean, have contributed to the years worth of excruciating banter, another would have clicked simply to rejoice at the point they’ve successfully proven.

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Yishun, oh Yishun… The tainted gem of the north, highly reputed for being the hotspot of godforsaken oddities and rats the size of cats.

That rhymes! I mark today the beginning of my journey as a poet.

I spent an amazing five years basking in the comforts of Yishun and I’ve only been flashed once. Unbeknownst to him, I am drastically myopic. You can’t fear what you can’t see, folks.

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Without a doubt, Yishun is not a place for the weak-hearted normie.

That’s probably why Youtuber, Ghibli Ojisan, left the estate unscathed. He’s Japanese!

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YouTuber Explores Yishun To Investigate 

If you haven’t heard, Ghibli Ojisan is a Singapore-based Japanese YouTuber and the founder of Nekkyo Singapore.

You might be asking, “So how did he end up at Yishun?”

Ghibli was extremely intrigued by Yishun’s infamous reputation. Who wouldn’t be? The internet has made Yishun sound like a breeding ground for monstrosities!

Image: Yishun.Town

To be exact, Ghibli sited the following incidents – murder, suicide, drug-related activities, cat murderers, and stun guns.

His first stop was the Pasar Malam located just outside the MRT station… which might just be the most lethal place in the whole of Yishun. Ever heard of high cholesterol and high blood pressure?

Image: YouTube (Ghibli Ojisan)

His pursuit of stun guns, dead bodies, and cat carcasses was soon replaced by the realisation that the estate is pretty normal.

A Facebook user by the name of Chokon Mainatsu has compiled a series of hilarious screenshots so I wouldn’t have to.

The Verdict? It’s A Pretty Neat Neighbourhood

Having found no traces of danger, he did also consider chatting up the locals.

Image: Youtube (Ghibli Ojisan)
Image: YouTube (Ghibli Ojisan)

But he thought that it would have been rude to ask.

Image: YouTube (Ghibli Ojisan)

At the end of it all, Ghibli ended off by saying, “It looked like a nice neighbourhood.”

So there’s that… Anybody up for some Mala at Northpoint City? No? But he already said it wasn’t dangerous!

What a normie.

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