Jay Chou Criticised Netflix for Not Promoting His Show, But ‘Regretted’ After Knowing the Reason

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If you’ve been hashtagging #WFH, you’d know that a show featuring Jay Chou is in Netflix.

Boss: How the heck did you know?

Oh, because I need to write this article. I was never in Netflix during working hours, Mr Boss.

And it’s a rather goody show; I just watch it a few hours ago—

Boss: Isn’t a few hours ago office hours?

Like I said, I watched it to write this article.

Boss: Good boy. Now, go on.

It’s a rather entertaining show and there’s even a scene in Singapore.

But Jay himself wasn’t happy with how Netflix in Taiwan is promoting the show.

Lashed Out on Netflix Taiwan

The show dropped on 21 March 2020, and it’s a travelogue hosted by none other than the king of Mandopop himself.

Called J-Style Trip, it’s the perfect show for you to imagine that you’re in many countries as you stay at home.

However, Jay wasn’t happy at Netflix Taiwan’s Instagram page.

In a series of Instagram Stories on 3 April 2020, Jay lashed out at them, passive-aggressively wondering why Netflix Taiwan’s Instagram posts are promoting mainly Korean shows.

Image: 8 Days

A look at Netflix Taiwan’s Instagram shows that it’s also promoting English shows now, though prior to that, it was indeed filled with Korean dramas.

There’s one about Jay’s show, though, but it was back on 10 March 2020—before the show dropped.


It doesn’t help that Netflix Taiwan also tagged him to ask him about their #StayHome Netflix recommendations, but didn’t tag his show’s main cast, Norman Chen and Will Tsai.

He then accused them of trying to be Netflix Korea instead of “showing more love to us”

Well, with such accusations, Netflix Taiwan has to respond.

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And it turns out that there’s a valid reason for that.

Two reasons, in fact.

“Don’t Want to Advocate Travel at this Time”

Before anything, remember this: Jay’s show is all about travelling.


Netflix Taiwan has responded, and the first reason why they’re not promoting it aggressively on their social media platforms is that it’s still a relatively new show, and they’re trying out a new marketing strategy which hasn’t been rolled out yet.

The second reason led to Jay withdrawing his posts: the streaming giant doesn’t want to be mistaken for advocating travel at this time.

After all, it’s not just Taiwan (or Singapore) that’s discouraging travel: every single country is asking people to stay at home.

Well, Jay understood and is promoting the show on his own Instagram account instead, which has way more followers than Netflix Taiwan’s Instagram account:


In the meantime, you can catch the show in Netflix now. Just don’t watch it during office hours unless you’re like me who’s tasked to write an article about it.

Boss: Weird, I just read the entire article and realise that you don’t need to watch it to complete this article

Yes, I only know that after watching the show.

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