Jay Chou’s Wife Bought Him a Lamborghini for His Birthday

Image: Instagram (@jaychou)

When I grow up, I want to marry Hannah Quinlivan.

Oh, wait. I’m a grownup now. And Hannah Quinlivan is married to some dude called Ah Chou. Or Ah Lun. Someone who writes songs for a living and happens to have a net worth of just about USD$225 million, and have just 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

I might still have hope.

Why Hannah Quinlivan, you ask.

For a start, she looks like every guy’s dream girl…

Image: JStone / Shutterstock.com

…and secondly, she bought a Lamborghini for her husband.

Image: Instagram (@jaychou)

Which sane guy won’t want her as your wife? #justsaying

Hannah Quinlivan’s Gift for Jay Chou & Jay’s Bragging

Before August 2017, if you’d like to keep tabs on Jay’s life, you’d have to Like his Facebook Page, because Jay’s like my old boss: he didn’t understand how Instagram work, and still used SMS to text others. Facebook, to him, is the highest-tech thingy ever.

But in August 2017, which is just about one year plus ago, Jay started his own Instagram account under the username @jay________chou (which he is still using but it’s unofficial) because he couldn’t register the username @jaychou

People then believed that it was due to his heartwarming reason:

Image: Instagram (@jay_______chou)

Anyways, for some reason, he immediately got hold of the username @jaychou, and ever since then, he’s been super active on the social media platform—so active, he even flirted with his wife on Instagram openly.

And just a day ago, he posted a snippet of his life, this time showing a Christmas party he attended, wearing an ugly sweater (it’s a trend in other countries’ Christmas to wear ugly sweaters) with his wife.

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The superstar decided that showing the party won’t cut it, so he has to brag about his latest car as well…and he didn’t buy it himself.

Instead, his wife bought it for him.

Image: Instagram (@jaychou)

If you can’t read Chinese, here’s what Ah Chou bragged:

Attended this year’s gift exchange and got @hannah_quinlivan’s present. There’s a gift in a “shoebox” that I won after solving several riddles. She got me to walk to the garage and I got a shock when I opened my eyes…thank you for the specifically selected birthday gift #firsttimewomangiftmeacar #uglysweater #christmasgift #birthdaygift

On first glance, it looks like the Honda Vezel we’ve often sat in during our Grab ride, but look closer and you’ll see the Lamborghini logo.

“But,” you asked, “Lamborghini is a sports car mah. How come this one looks like an Ah Pek car?”

Well, that’s because earlier this year, Lamborghini started selling a Lamborghini SUV, probably to attract people like Jay Chou: a super-rich fellow who likes sports car but still need practicality in his daily commute.

Image: VanderWolf Images / Shutterstock.com

Known as the Lamborghini Urus, it costs $798,000 in Singapore without COE; with COE, it should be about $830,000. In other words, you can buy two HDB flats with the amount.

In Taiwan, the starting price is much lower, at about SGD$445,000. But anyways, any car in other countries are always cheaper when compared with Singapore #justsaying

Hannah Quinlivan is an Established Actress and Model

I know what some of you jealous and sour women are saying: “Alamak, she uses her husband’s money to buy one lah.”

Here are some hard truths for you: other than being Mrs Jay Chou, Hannah is an established actress. She was last seen in Hollywood blockbuster Skyscraper alongside with The Rock. And no, she didn’t get the role due to her connection with Ah Chou: she apparently did an audition for the role three days after she gave birth to her second child.

So yes, she most likely bought the Lambo with her own money.

Though I think that’s just one of the many cars Ah Chou has #justsaying

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