Jayley Woo Reportedly Got at Least 4 Advertising Jobs from Being a New Mum


When we’re on the topic of local celebrities and their children, one that probably comes to most people’s minds is Jayley Woo.

Woo, a 31-year-old actress, gave birth to her daughter, Jan Tan, earlier this year on 20 January.

She also announced her engagement last October when she was six months pregnant.

Since then, she has been posting on social media avidly to document her journey as a new mum and has even revealed that she has taken on four advertisement jobs, with two of them being related to her new role as a mother,

Talk about getting a mini and personal “God of Fortune”.

And here’s everything else she has to say about this new stage in her life.

People Say She Doesn’t Look Like She Used to be Pregnant

When speaking to Shin Min Daily News on Saturday (25 February), Woo recalled how she was 63kg when giving birth to her child but has lost 8kg since then.


She even claimed that some people have even told her that she doesn’t look like she used to be pregnant, and she expressed joy at their comments.

With respect to how she lost weight, she said that it has to do with perseverance and a decrease in her appetite.

She also pointed out that she lost 3kg immediately after her daughter was delivered.

However, she added that she hopes to lose another 7kg.

She also shared that she will be going for a check-up with her daughter on 3 March as she had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant.

Has Been Spending Lots of Time With Her Family

After returning home from the confinement centre on 18 February, Woo has been busy with her “new mum” duties, such as changing her daughter’s diapers, bathing and breastfeeding her.

She also has the help of her confinement nanny, who is helping her take care of Jan as well.

When talking about her duties as a mother, she commented that it feels “wonderful and magical” when she bathes her daughter.

As for how parenthood has changed her outlook on life so far, she shared that she has realised that many things in life are not worth being calculative or excessively worried over.

Additionally, she has realised that she wants to spend as much time as possible with her baby and loved ones as children grow up fast, and she does not want to miss out on any precious time that she has with her daughter.

As for how her daughter looks like now, Woo said that she is around 4kg and has a round face and long legs. Her eyes, nose and ears look like her father, but other parts of her face, such as her mouth, look like Woo’s.

Her Daughter Has an Instagram Account

And because it’s the 21st century, Jan has an Instagram account of her own as well.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jan Tan 陈瑾彦 (@jantanjinyan)

According to Woo, her other half manages the account and uploads photos and videos of their daughter on Instagram.

Her daughter currently has over 5,100 followers on Instagram, which is already more than the number of followers I’ll have in my entire life.


She also said that she has greatly increased her cloud storage capacity since her daughter’s birth, as she has too many photos and videos of her daughter.

Might Go Back to Showbiz But Only For Interesting Roles

As for what the future holds, Woo revealed that her daughter is extremely well-behaved and does not make a fuss often.

As such, Woo hopes to continue working by shooting social media advertisements and doing photoshoots.

She also said that she is interested in going back to acting but will only take on roles that she thinks are worth investing her time into, as she wants to maximise the time she gets to spend with her daughter.

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Doesn’t Need to Hold a Wedding Banquet

Now that her daughter is born, Woo mentioned that she “doesn’t need to hold a wedding banquet”.

She said that neither she nor her fiancé is “very traditional” and that they are considering a honeymoon vacation with both sides of the family instead.


However, nothing has been confirmed yet, as the couple needs to take everyone’s schedules into consideration before planning the event.

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