S’pore Actress Jayley Woo is Six Months Pregnant & Will Be Getting Married in Dec


If seeing all the couple videos on TikTok already got you feeling like sleeping on the highway tonight, please don’t continue reading this.

Or rather, please just get off social media as a whole.

Here’s today’s scoop – Singaporean actress Jayley Woo is six months pregnant, and planning to get married in December.

A surprise double announcement

The 30-year-old actress sprang a surprise double announcement on Instagram on Sunday evening, revealing the good news.

In the post, she shared a video of the silhouettes of two people riding on a motorcycle, as well as a photo of someone placing a ring on her finger.


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To top it all off, she also shared a photo of an ultrasound scan.


Her ultrasound scan, presumably.

She later confirmed that she is six months pregnant and having a girl.

In the caption, the actress began by questioning whether she really deserved to be happy, and whether she had the right to love and be loved.

She then went on to introduce the mysterious silhouette to her fans and following.

“Today, I want to introduce to everyone someone who will be spending the rest of my life with me. Because of him, I can finally fulfil my dream of having a family of my own,” she wrote in the lengthy caption.


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She also added that she will work hard to be a “good daughter, good sister, good friend, good actor and, of course now, a good wife and good mother”.

Now for the million dollar question – who exactly is her fiancé?

The actress revealed that her fiancé isn’t the one on the big screens – he’s the one behind the screens.

Her fiancé, whose surname is Tan, works behind the scenes in show business. The pair had been dating for almost a year after being introduced by friends.

He proposed just two months ago.

The couple plan to register their marriage in December and hold a wedding celebration in 2023.

In her post, the actress also thanks her fiancé for a variety of things.

“Thank you for giving me the reason and courage to live. Thank you for not disliking my flaws and not caring about my past. It was my luck to meet you. I wish you a happy birthday here.”


Happily ever after.

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