JB Bak Kut Teh Stall Near Sutera Mall Giving 50% Off for Huawei Users

Image: Facebook (肉先生.肉骨茶)

I’m 101% sure you’ve heard about the Huawei saga.

Whether you’re thinking that Huawei has banned Google or Google has banned Huawei, or God forbid, Apple has eaten Huawei, you’d know that Huawei users aren’t in the best of mood now.

And because of this, numerous memes about the Chinese brand has spouted out on the Internet, and they’re usually shared widely.

Suffice to say, Huawei has become a trending topic.

And if you’re a business or marketing graduate, you’d have heard of the term “newsjacking”.

Basically, newsjacking, a shortlist for the Word of the Year 2017, is a “the practice of taking advantage of current events or news stories in such a way as to promote or advertise one’s product or brand.”

Over in Singapore, a few brands and organizations have newsjacked gracefully. For example, when crispy rendang became a thing, IKEA came out with this:

…while Singapore Civil Defence Force posted this:

Like what the Tony Robbins website states, “you’ve got to be quick when the opportunity arises.”

Surprisingly, not many brands have touched on the Huawei saga here in Singapore…yet.

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But somewhere near Singapore, an unexpected challenger has emerged.

Meet 肉先生.肉骨茶, which I’m 99% certain you’ve not heard of before.

肉先生.肉骨茶, a JB Bak Kut Teh Stall

Lest you’re not aware, over in Malaysia, the number of Huawei users is pretty massive as well.

It’s the fourth most used phone brand there, with Samsung at #1, iPhone at #2 and Oppo at #3.

According to statcounter, 12.62% of Malaysians use Huawei in the last year.

So 肉先生.肉骨茶 decided to newsjack this trend, because why not?

If you can’t read, here’s what they’ve written in Chinese:

We got furious after reading about this news

For all Huawei users, there’ll be a 50% off for every meal

Huawei employees who wear their Huawei uniform would be entitled to a free tea!

This will go on until the boss has calmed down

All you need to do is to take an image and “check in” to enjoy the promotion

This is only valid for one Huawei phone per person

T & C Apply




We’re closed every Monday

Opening hours are Tuesday to Fridays are 11am to 2:30pm & 6:30pm to 9pm

Opening hours for weekends & public holidays are 9am to 9pm

Only for walk-in; not reservations allowed

Address is 85 Jalan Sutera Utama 8/3 Tanjung Sutera

(a list of hashtags to show the locations; we won’t translate as we could get the English names wrong)

For enquiries please call 0177066711

Here’s a map for your reference if you’re driving there (about 20 to 30 minutes’ drive from JB checkpoint):

Image: Facebook (肉先生.肉骨茶) (A bit pointless hor, just use Google Maps GPS when if you drive there lah…Huawei phone still can use one lah)

It’s near Sutera Mall, so if your whole family is using Huawei and you’re going there via public transport, you can take CW4S from Jurong East Interchange.

I don’t know about you, but us to pick up this story?

They’ve succeeded.