Jean Yip’s Daughter Cheryl Wee Gives Birth To Second Child

Image: Instagram (Cheryl Wee)


Most of us would have probably heard of the well-established Jean Yip Group.

Started as a hairdressing salon, they have since expanded into facial treatments, slimming centres, and even a hair and beauty academy.

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Other than the extensive brand existence, the next thing that comes to my mind when people talk about Jean Yip is “Wa their daughter’s wedding damn grand!”

Image: Instagram (Cheryl Wee)

Because it is.

The Start To Their Love Story

According to an interview done with Asiatatler, Cheryl Wee, the eldest daughter of Jean Yip, shared that she has been in a relationship with her now-husband, Roy Fong, for 12 years.

That interview was in 2017, and that would mean that they have been together for 14 years!

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The couple first met when they were 17 at Victoria Junior College through a mutual friend.

Cheryl had also mentioned that prior to that, she first spotted Roy at a 7-Eleven store near their school and she thought he was really good-looking.


Roy, similarly, was wondering who Cheryl was and said she’s a girl with a “charming and cheeky smile”.

They dated a year after meeting, and before you know it, they got married and have just welcomed their second child.

First Revelation Of Second Child

If you don’t already know, Cheryl has a one-year-old adorable little boy, Marc.

She had also revealed her second pregnancy during Marc’s first birthday celebration in a witty way.

Image: Instagram (Cheryl Wee)

The words on the toddler shirt state “I may only be 1, but I’m going to be a KOR KOR (older brother)!”.

This family needs to stop being so cute!

It was also reported that Cheryl did not want to have a huge age gap between her kids as only then both kids will have a playmate or someone to bully.

And seems like Marc is having a playmate already!

Auspicious Birth Date

On 9 September 2019, Cheryl had shared on Instagram that the baby girl is here!

Image: Instagram (Cheryl Wee)

She wrote “Glory and Praise to Lord for bringing you little baby into our lives. Little did we think waking up this morning would be to meet you.

“The cramps that kept me up all night was worth every bit. I was even thinking that the cramps would subside by morning and I could go ahead with work as planned.

“But everything is made perfect in God’s time.

Welcome to the world little baba (as coined by Kor Kor Marc)”

Meanwhile, her husband wrote on his Instagram “Waking up this morning, we never thought we’ll be welcoming you today.

“You sure know how to choose an auspicious birth date for yourself little baby girl – 9.9.19.”

Image: Instagram (Roy Fong)

We wish this adorable family good health, lots of happiness, and love!



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