Jeanette Aw Fans ‘Overloaded’ Her New Bakery Website & Caused it to Crashed Before Its Official Launch

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As someone who has not followed the Singapore entertainment scene since secondary school, I had no idea that Jeanette Aw was planning on launching her own pastry shop. 

After her fans made the news by causing her new pastry shop’s website to crash before its official launch, however, I was certainly made aware of its presence. 

Bakery Website Crashed Due to Too Much Traffic 

For those who actually keep up with Singapore’s actors and actresses, you might know that popular actress Jeanette Aw has been planning to open a pastry shop for some time now. 

Finally, after a long period of planning and preparation, the actress is finally ready for opening. The shop, Once Upon A Time, is located at Hamilton Road, and is already fully renovated and ready to open. However, due to the current pandemic situation, the store is currently not accepting walk-ins.

Instead, all orders have to be made via its website. Naturally, instead of camping out in long queues outside the store, fans camped out for the launch of Once Upon A Time’s website. 

Evidently, many couldn’t wait to try out her pastries, because the website was down even before its official launch on Tuesday at 10 am. According to one AsiaOne, the website was already down at around 9.50 am when she visited it. 

As reported by AsiaOne, Ms Teo was met with a notice informing her that “resource limit is reached” when she had tried to visit the website. After multiple attempts to refresh the page, the main page of the website finally loaded. 

The main page, presumably loaded before the official launch time, featured an image with information about the upcoming online launch. With the official launch at 10am, the site switched to a painting of Jeanette Aw in her new pastry shop.

However, according to Ms Teo, the image once again disappeared within seconds. Instead, she was met with a familiar sight: “resource limit is reached”.

I bet this would remind many of their experience with buying concert tickets. 

Turns out, Ms Teo was not the only one facing the same issue. 

Once Upon A Time’s Instagram page was flooded with comments by people who like Ms Teo, could not access the website. 

The shop later posted an Instagram story stating that “We are experiencing a high volume of traffic on our website at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience.” This was followed by a later update on another Instagram story saying that the “website is down”.

Image: Instagram (

Image: Instagram (

In the same Instagram story, they asked customers to give them a moment and thanked everyone for their support and understanding. 


About Jeanette Aw and Her Pastry Shop

Before some of you go on doubting the quality of her pastries—don’t be so quick to judge. 

In fact, Jeanette Aw actually enrolled in the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School back in 2018, and graduated with a Diploma in Patisserie in 2019. 

Once Upon A Time is starting with a humble beginning, opening with just three items on its menu. 

The first is one of her old recipes: the Blueberry Burst, which would be sold at S$10 per piece. 

The next item is financiers, which are small French almond cakes with a crisp, eggshell-like exterior. They will be sold at S$26 for a box of 10. 

The last item would be the pineapple financier, which is basically the Western rendition of our pineapple tarts. 

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