Former TVB Actor, Jeff Chan’s Lung Cancer Worsens; Aaron Kwok Donated HK$100K To Help Him

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Life can throw not only a bunch of lemons at us sometimes.

It can also throw entire truckloads full of them.

The blows dealt upon us are far from kind, yet the kindness of people around us, it will help to alleviate the pain even if just for a little bit.

Jeff Chan’s Lung Cancer Worsens

January brought about bad news for former TVB actor Jeff Chan, following his celebration of growing one year older in that very month.

The 38-year-old was diagnosed with lung cancer back in August 2020, having experienced the first signs of it in June. Thinking he had a herniated disk because of severe back muscle pain, checkups revealed that he had stage 4 lung cancer and had a 6cm tumour in his left lung that extended to his back.

He was told he only had six months to live, a huge blow to the actor who doesn’t smoke nor drink.

Still, despite the depressing news, he had been fighting to get better since then, yet was just told the cancer cells in his body had spread.

As a result, he would need more aggressive treatment for his rapidly worsening health.

“My body deteriorated quickly. A screening in January showed that the cancer cells in my right shoulder blade area, which had initially improved after chemotherapy, [had spread] and there’s a ping pong ball-sized lump on the right shoulder near the lymph nodes,” Jeff said.

He was rendered unable to move his right hand due to severe soreness, and even coughed up blood and had occasional diarrhoea, a possible result of the tumour.

Screening discovered that the tumour, which had been 5cm, had grown to 7cm – prompting the doctor to suggest Jeff switch to a third-generation cancer drug.

People Pitched In To Help, Including Aaron Kwok

Of course, with critical illnesses, equally steep fees come along with treating them.

Just the medicine alone would set Jeff back by HK$40,000 (SGD $6,900) besides other treatment fees for the actor, who’s currently in critical condition.

His savings and financial aids have almost been depleted, leading to good friend and fellow TVB artiste Snow Suen to campaign a fundraiser for his medical expenses on social media.

Jeff also made his own video appealing for help, where other celebrity friends and colleagues like Tsui Wing, Claire Yiu and Yoyo Chen pitched in to donate in response.

He managed to raise HK$800,000 (about S$138,2000) back then, and his condition started to improve with the support of his family and his girlfriend, which sadly took an unfortunate turn this year.


Household name Aaron Kwok, nicknamed the Heavenly King and probably also every auntie’s favourite, also made a generous donation to Jeff’s cause.

Through his Aaron Kwok Love And Concern Charity Fund, he donated HK$100,000 (S$17,300) to Jeff, and had his manager Leung May May leaving Jeff a supportive message wishing for his recovery as well.

It’s really heartwarming to see many famous names standing in solidarity to help a fellow colleague and friend out.

Hopes To Complete His Own Film

Jeff started off as a trainee in TVB’s artiste training class, where he graduated and went on to join the company, helming mostly side roles in his projects there.

Moving on to Hong Kong Television Network Limited, he managed to land more prominent roles such as Li Fong in 2015 sitcom The Wicked League.

Love 36D and The Most Embarrassing Twist were self-financed projects of his own that he started alongside making online movies in China.

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Last year, the actor with many talents had planned to produce, direct and star in his own film titled Training Class. Jeff still holds hope that he will be able to complete it and see it through until the end.

He said: “Sammy Leung said a person who is about to die will not regret what he has done, but regret that he has not done anything. I still have another one or two years. Actually, I am not afraid of death. I still want to live and I hope to leave something behind.”

Featured Image: Aaron Kwok (Facebook) / 蘋果動新聞 HK Apple Daily (Youtube)

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