“I’m Not Dead Yet”: Jet Li’s First Words Upon His First Public Appearance After Years of Absence


Jet Li Reclaims the Spotlight: Dismisses Death Rumours and Reflects on Life in His New Biography Release

Jet Li shuts down rumours about his death during his striking return to the public at a press event in Taiwan to promote his new biography: Beyond Life And Death: Jet Li Looking For Jet Li.

His first words on his first public appearance? “I’m not dead yet.”

And yes, he might look younger than some of us.

Li Lian Jie, better known by his stage name Jet Li, has crafted a multifaceted career as a renowned actor, martial artist, film producer and wushu champion. This list just goes on, doesn’t it?

Background on Jet Li and his Hiatus 

If you’re a 90s baby, skip this section, if not you’d feel old.

Jet Li’s cinematic journey commenced at the age of 19 with the movie Shaolin Temple (1982). Following his successful debut, he starred in many other martial arts films. One of the most popular being the Once Upon a Time in China series where he portrayed the legendary character, Wong Fei Hung. Jet Li even starred in Hollywood films, alongside Jackie Chan in The Forbidden Kingdom (2008).

There had been rumours that Jet Li had passed away during his acting hiatus. This could be attributed to his hyperthyroidism diagnosis in 2010.


Concerns for his well-being intensified following the circulation of a picture in 2018 and even in a video from this year, in which he appeared visibly aged and fragile.

Jet Li’s legacy extends beyond the entertainment industry; He is even an active philanthropist. In 2007, he founded One Foundation, a charity in China that provides natural disaster relief.

The Press Event and His Book 

At the press event on 16 November, Jet Li opened up about his 25-year study on Buddhism and his attempt to understand the meaning behind life and death.

He said that his Buddhism practice is divided into three stages: ego, big self and no self, further explaining that nature treats all equally. Meaning, even if one attains fame and fortune, they would not be able to escape from natural disasters and would suffer the same fate as any other living being.

Beyond Life And Death: Jet Li Looking For Jet Li is the actor’s first book. He can now add “author” to his list of talents and accolades… as if it already isn’t long enough.

For those captivated by his reflections and seek a deeper understanding of his spiritual journey and the life he has lived, you might be interested in getting a copy of his book.

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