Jocelyn Chia Continued With Her MH370 Joke in New Interview With US Comedian Chrissie Mayr

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Jocelyn Chia by now.

AKA the person Singapore un-claimed the fastest this year.

Chia, who is based in New York as a comedian, first hit news headlines for all the wrong reasons when she made a joke about Malaysia Airlines’ MH370 flight during a comedy routine at Comedy Cellar.

Since her newfound ‘fame’, Chia has been dealing with the backlash in a rather… unique manner.

Even after the Malaysian police claimed they would file a request for Interpol to track Chia down.

Apart from insisting that she would never apologise for her jokes, she even said that she was happy to receive the attention and created a Patreon for ‘fans’ to pay in order to receive access to the full, uncut clip of her MH370 joke.

She also appeared on BBC for an interview, where she claimed that she has been using the joke in her routines for the past one and a half years.

On the other hand, prominent figures in Singapore, like politician Vivian Balakrishnan and comedian Kumar, have posted public apologies to our Malaysian friends on behalf of Chia.

But most recently, she sat down for an interview with fellow New Yorker and comedienne Chrissie Mayr.

And if you thought that the interview would provide you with more useful insight, spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

It might, however, raise your blood pressure.

Interview With Chrissie Mayr: Mayr Said that 200-Plus Victims “Not That Many”

On Mayr’s YouTube channel, she streamed her online interview with Chia last Wednesday (14 June).

The interview, which lasted over an hour, involved the two women talking about Chia’s controversial behaviour and discussing the various news reports regarding her jokes.

At one point, Mayr asked Chia, “How many people actually died on that plane?”

To that, Chia responded, “200-something.”

Upon hearing that, Mayr replied by saying, “That’s not that many.”

Chia then erupted into laughter after hearing Mayr’s response.

Mayr Supported Chia Even Before Their Interview

Prior to the interview, Mayr had posted on Twitter in support of Chia when her controversy first erupted.

“It’s not the comedian’s job to avoid certain topics that trigger the sensitive- it’s their job to be funny.

“I really hope Jocelyn doesn’t apologize for this great joke,” she tweeted to her 179,600 followers.

Some Called Them Out; Others Expressed Support

After Mayr posted the controversial video on her YouTube channel, many netizens expressed disapproval regarding the interview and called both women out on their insensitive behaviour.

In particular, many noted that Chia’s original joke was not even funny to begin with and that Mayr should not have made light of the trauma that the victims’ families have experienced over the past few years.

Some also pointed out that many in America would have taken offence if Chia had joked about incidents like the 9/11 terrorist attack in a similar manner.

On Mayr’s Twitter account, where she called Chia an “internationally famous viral comedian”, many also criticised Mayr and Chia for their distasteful comments.

However, a handful of netizens expressed their support for the duo and claimed that they were absolutely hilarious.

One comedian Chia interacted with in the past also took to Twitter to say that he “really couldn’t be prouder” of Chia for her ‘success’ and ‘fame’.