Johor Police Say There Hasn’t Been Any Report of Crimes With S’porean Victims Since Borders Reopened


Even if you haven’t been planning to travel to Malaysia, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the various stories of incidents that have happened across the Causeway.

For instance, Singaporeans have been asked for bribes or have gotten detained after realising that their passports weren’t stamped when they entered Malaysia only at the end of their trip.

Additionally, another motorist apparently came back to his vehicle after a shopping trip to find that several parts of his vehicle were stolen.

However, it seems like the Johor authorities have a different story to tell.

Police Chief: No Singaporeans Have Been Victims of Crime Since Borders Reopened

In a press conference on Thursday (2 June), Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat, the police chief of Johor, touched on the issue of Singaporeans being victims of crime in Johor.

Based on reports by The Star, he particularly emphasised that absolutely no Singaporeans have been victims of crime in Johor since the land borders between Singapore and Malaysia were reopened.

“So far, not a single foreign traveller that has visited Johor has lodged a report with the police saying they have been a crime victim,” he announced.

Singapore Travel Portal’s Post Regarding Crime Hotspots in JB

Additionally, he also criticised a report by a Singapore travel portal that listed crime hotspots in Johor.

The headline of the post was “7 areas in JB that locals advise tourists to stay alert in while travelling”.

With locations such as Larkin bus terminal, Taman Pelangi and Jalan Wong Ah Fook making the list, Kamarul Zaman insisted that reports like these are nothing more than “irresponsible accusations”, and that they are only trying to destroy the reputation of the police and Johor.

He also said that the state government and local police have also worked together well to control and reduce crime rates in Johor.

“When the borders reopened on April 1, I stationed 1,600 personnel and officers at 41 known major public areas throughout Johor to safeguard the people, including foreign travellers,” he highlighted.

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He also urged tourists to abide by Malaysia’s laws at all time when they visit the country.

Previously social media posts which suggested that snatch thieves have been targeting Singaporeans when the land borders just reopened went viral.

In response to that, the Johor police released a statement claiming that the crime rate in Johor has not increased since the reopening of the land borders between Singapore and Malaysia.

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