Man Claimed to be Cheated by Waterloo Fortune Teller After Paying $188 for an Amulet

Last Updated on 2022-06-05 , 1:43 pm

While we may all have differing views with regards to fortune-telling and all the other things that come with it, I think we can all agree that listening to something positive that gives us hope makes everyone feel better.

And it seems like this was the case for this man who wrote about his experience of visiting a fortune teller near Bugis in the VOICE YOUR GRIEVANCES Facebook group on 28 May.

User’s Experience

The author of the post, whose Facebook username is Yew Leong, started off the post by asking if anyone who went to see the same fortune-teller can speak about their experience.

Leong then explained that the fortune-teller charges $12 for every question asked, and that he and his friend asked her “a few questions”.

He also noted that although “She was able to say some of our past history without us telling her”, she gave the duo “nonsense advise”.

“Eg. She say you can rent out your 2 room bto. She obviously don’t know sg law, that 2 room bto cannot be rented out during 5 years mop,” Leong explained.

And if you’ve got no idea what Leong is saying, BTO unit owners are not allowed to rent their BTO units to tenants during the first five years as it is considered the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).

Friend Asked How to Change Luck, Fortune-Teller Sold $188 Hand-Drawn Amulet

After that, Leong’s friend asked the fortune teller if there were any ways for him to “change his luck”.

She then proceeded to tell him to buy a Tua Pek Kong amulet worth $188 and to pray to it.

Seeing that his friend bought the amulet, Leong decided to purchase one for himself too.

However, as seen in the photo attached by Leong, the image of Tua Pek Kong was clearly drawn onto the amulet, with the drawing looking like a low-class portrait of the deity.

“Now when i think back, i felt we got cheated. But my friend still continue to believe in her,” Leong concluded.

Leong also attached a photo of the fortune-teller’s business card, presumably to warn others against visiting her.

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Netizens’ Reactions

After reading about Leong’s unfortunate encounter, many netizens were understandably amused by the entire incident.

Some Facebook users even commented that Tua Pek Kong must have hit the gym, given that his biceps in the drawing were clearly muscular.

And as for the fortune-teller’s business, some jokingly tagged their friends to go and try her services out to see what exactly the fortune-teller tells her clients.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Yew Leong)