Residents in a Johor Village Have Allegedly Heard Someone Knocking on their Doors in the Dead of Night


What should you do if you hear a knock at your door at night?

If you’re hungry, you might open the door to see your GrabFood rider. If you’re the smart one in a horror movie, you’d keep the door close and try to use science to explain it.

Well, not everything can be scientifically explained.

Villagers Spooked

The villagers of Kampung Melayu Majidee in Johor were spooked by knocking on their doors in the early hours of the morning.

The village chief, Md Saleh Tukiran, was alerted of the incident after a post had gone viral on social media.

According to The Star, Md Saleh said that he has yet to receive official reports from the villagers regarding the alleged knocks. He had also checked with the police to find that no reports were made.

He also urged some of the 30,000 villagers to remain calm despite the claims.


To find out what was causing the knocking, the Village Development and Safety Committee has decided to conduct night patrols. They also requested the police to increase patrols around the village.

Someone or Something

Md Saleh said that they currently do not know it if’s a supernatural force or someone pranking the village. He also hopes that villagers will remain calm and ignore the knocking until the cause of it has been found.

A resident claimed that she heard several knocks on her front door last Thursday. The knocks were heard between 1am and 3:30am.

She initially thought that it was her son returning home, so she ignored it. When she heard the second knock, she decided to get up and investigate. She did not see anyone and went back to her room.

Think that was the end? No.

The knocking later resumed.

She said that she got annoyed and shouted, “Whoever is doing that, please stop because I am in no mood to entertain this!”

The knocking then stopped.

That’s one badass lady.

According to this resident, it was the first time in 17 years that she experienced something like this.

Another resident was about to sleep at 12:30am when he heard strange noises. He had heard someone laughing hysterically outside his house. Deciding to ignore it, he said some prayers before he went to bed.

In any case, if this were to happen in Singapore, we can bet that sales of CCTVs will spike in the next few weeks.

Oh, wait. Maybe…

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