Jollibee Opening Another Outlet in Waterway Point

“Do you want some joy in your mouth?”

Source: Tenor

Wait, that didn’t come out quite right.

If any Filipino asks you that, just know that they are probably referring to Jollibee’s Chicken Joy.

(Heard that story from Reddit. That didn’t happen to me.)

And if you do want joy in your mouth, we have an update for the Waterway Point Jollibee outlet since the previous article we have on their hiring.

That article also explains the hype for Jollibee, so do read that if you want more information.

It will take over BurgerUP

Jollibee will be taking over BurgerUP, a local fast food joint with DIY options. Fans of the joint may notice that it has closed since last year.

Image: BurgerUP Facebook

And suffice to say, it’s once again being uncovered by the super resourceful Facebook Page Singapore Atrium Sale, whom we’re now 101% that the admin possesses a hidden technology that can teleport around Singapore.

Address: Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, West Wing, #B2-06, Singapore 828761

Image: Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook

Woodlands one is coming in August 2019

Image: Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook

Lest you’re wondering, a notice on the outside of the Woodlands MRT address seems to indicate that the Jollibee outlet will be ready around August. This one took over the Burger King outlet.

Image: Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook

Address: Causeway Point Shopping Centre, 1 Woodlands Square, #01-19/20/21/24/25, Singapore 738099

Jollibee, on its way for world domination?

If you didn’t know yet, Jollibee’s founder is also called Tony Tan, and this is how he looks like despite being 63 years old when this picture is taken.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Yeah, I’m not sure whether that is the effect of having too much joy in your mouth, but if I see someone on the street that looks like that, I would have thought 40+ instead.

Therefore, I conclude that he is a vampire on the quest for world domination.

To support my thesis, I would have you know that they plan to open at least 15 more outlets in Singapore alone.

And the way Jollibee pushed out BurgerUP AND Burger King? Not a coincidence.

The Next KFC

They are aiming to become the next KFC. For comparison, Jollibee now has 4,300 stores, while KFC has about 22,000 locations in 2016.

I would like to say that I am wrong that Jollibee is just honest, good fried chicken that is so good the other competitions have no choice but to give way.

(it probably is)

But I’m someone who can’t trust insects, especially not a 6 foot one that also happens to be pantless despite having human hands and legs.

A neighbourhood I don’t wanna be in:

Image: fooyoh

But really, what do bees have to do with fried chicken?