15 More Jollibee Outlets Opening in S’pore As Half of All Customers Are Now S’poreans


Jollibee is probably one of the underrated fast food restaurants in Singapore.

But in its motherland (Philippines), it is widely popular as there are more than 900 outlets.

I mean, who in the world doesn’t like fried chicken?

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Okay, maybe the hardcore vegans.

As of now, there are five outlets in Singapore—two in Lucky Plaza, Square 2, Changi City Point and Paya Lebar Square.

But that soon might change as this fast-food behemoth plans to open at least 15 more outlets in the next five years, The Straits Times reported.

The sixth store will be making Jurong East its home in April 2018.


It has been only four years since Jollibee made its way to our shores but it is already popular among Singaporeans.

“Currently, our numbers are doing great. More importantly, it is the patronage of Singaporeans that is really giving us a lot of encouragement… Our ability to connect with the Singaporean palate gives us a lot of excitement and encouragement that we can fulfil our goal to open 15 more stores,” said Mr Dennis Flores, Jollibee president and head of international business.

Singaporeans are foodies after all.

But before the popularity, he mentioned that the first store in Lucky Plaza was mostly made up of Philippines customers and only a few Singaporeans would visit it.


“Only the brave souls went there,” he said.

Well, that soon turned 180.

With their other locations being more accessible, the growth of Singaporean customers has grown immensely.

“We’ve gone to another level. Half of our customers now are Singaporeans, no longer Filipinos,” he said.

I mean, if the food is good, Singaporeans will be there.

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The proof is in the pudding!

But for now, you have to wait a few more years before a Jollibee restaurant opens in your backyard.

I am going to grab some dinner at their Lucky Plaza branch while soaking in the Christmas spirit along Orchard Road.

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