Joseph Schooling’s Mother Puts All Rumours About His Rumoured Girlfriend to Rest


Apparently, our favourite golden boy isn’t attached.

After the constant reporting about Joseph Schooling’s girlfriend and the alleged Tinder match, Schooling’s mom has finally spoke up about the rumors, dispelling what all media outlets have been reporting.

In a recent report by Today Online, Schooling’s life has been put to scrutiny after winning the Gold medal at the Rio Olympics this year.

in particular, various foreign media outlets have speculated over the identity of the 21-year-old’s girlfriend, and several have identified his University of Texas schoolmate Casey Shomaker as his love interest.

Schooling’s mother has since spoken up about the rumors, attributing that to people riding on Schooling’s newfound fame.

“He’s been linked with so many girls, but that doesn’t mean he’s got a girlfriend,” May explained.


“I’ve read articles about this girl or that girl claiming him as their own, and I think there was even an article about him being married. Now that’s he’s an Olympic champion, you suddenly see such reports coming out, but it doesn’t mean it’s true.

“In future, of course it’s fine he has a girlfriend but for now, let’s kill the subject.”

However, this has spurred some comments about Schooling’s relationship status online, particularly because of this photos and captions popping up on Schooling and Casey Shomaker’s Instagram account.










Guess these images aren’t true either?

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