Joshua Ang Intends to Make Police Report & Take Nanny to Court 10 Months After the Incident

By now, you should’ve read about the nanny from hell. If not, you can read the entire heart-wrenching account here.

Long story cut short, ex-actor Joshua Ang, who shot to fame with I Not Stupid, engaged a nanny that’s recommended by a friend. The nanny took many shortcuts like force-feeding the baby, overfeeding the baby and even cutting the teats of the milk bottles so that the feeding would be done faster.

The baby choked and had milk in his lungs. Despite that, the nanny was adamant that it wasn’t her fault.

That happened almost 10 months ago, in August 2018, but Joshua just opened up about the incident in a new blog that he set up.

Needless to say, people were enraged.

Joshua Decided to Make a Police Report & Take the Matter to Court

For some reason, Joshua has decided that making this public after ten months wouldn’t suffice; according to an interview with Shin Min Daily, he’s now intending to make a police report and would take the matter to court to “expose what she’s done.”

And it turns out that Joshua isn’t the first victim.

Other Victims Opened Up to Joshua

After his blog post got viral, people started to open up to him about their experience with the same nanny (Joshua has posted the nanny’s image and Facebook account on his blog).

What’s even more shocking is that after the incident, the nanny allegedly continued her irresponsible acts to another baby in October 2018 (that’s just two months after the fateful incident), which Joshua’s wife revealed in her IG Stories:

And also other incidents before the nanny took care of Jed (Joshua’s son):

A check on the nanny’s Facebook profile reveals that as a non-friend, we could only see one post in 2016.

She has not responded to the allegations.

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