First Half of July is Going to be Hot With Temperature of 35°C on Some Days

The weather is being temperamental, in a literal sense.

For the first half of July 2022, it has been forecasted that Singapore will experience warm and drier conditions.

The temperature will be between 33 and 34 degree Celsius on most days, with highs of 35 degree Celsius on some days. Nights can be as warm as 20 degree Celsius.

When they said that we were going to have nice temperatures between 25 and 34 degree Celsius because of two unique weather phenomena clashing, all of it was a lie

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What’s Up with the Weather?

We can thank the Southwest Monsoon for that, wherein a mass of dry air is moving eastward from the Indian Ocean over the equatorial Southeast Asian region.

Prevailing winds are expected to persist over Singapore and the surrounding region for the coming weeks.

Besides the hotter temperatures, you can also expect a side of thunderstorms in the afternoon—happening only once or twice in this period—which may last till the evening.

All in all, the weather is going to be torturous because of the sweltering heat.

June may have been an anomaly in terms of higher-than-average rainfalls compared to historic records, but at least the weather was nice.

Remember to wear sunscreen, and hope no one is allergic to the sun, or else the next half-month will be a terrible time.

Electric hand-held fans are highly recommended.

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