Jumping Regularly Doesn’t Make a Person Grow Taller After All

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In your pubescent years, I am sure you would have tried many ways to grow taller—a pivotal period for any sort of growth spurts to happen.

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Personally, I was a short kid up till 15 years old when I shot up from 153 cm to 173cm, and then with a gradual increase, peaking at a respectable 177cm.

Everyone wants to be tall—if you don’t then more power to you—and you would have probably thought of ways to increase your height during your salad days, especially if you were a short kid.

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One of the most common old wives’ tales is that one should jump more to be taller.

I mean look at the basketballers, most of them are tall, so all that jumping must have helped right?

Well, no?

Does jumping make you taller?

According to Quora which was quoted by Forbes mentioned that your height actually decreases by 1% of your height—and that is the most you will lose—because of spinal compression.

So when you stand up, your head and shoulder put axial pressure on your spine causing the fluid sacs in between your spinal discs to compress.


This can be easily fixed by hanging and stretching; helping to restore back the 1%.

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So this is probably how the myth began.

Can you actually increase your height?

It is a very complex question, especially on a morning, but there are various researches done on this topic.

Your height is sort of predetermined between 60%-85% by your genetics while the rest of it is attributed to environmental factors, including nutrition.

So if you did not eat nutritiously during your growing years, it is possible that you won’t reach your full potential.

You can even grow taller than your genetically predetermined height if you had been eating good.

According to the article, the average height of the Japanese increased by three inches after the war as they had access to more fish protein and not to mention that Denmark is one of the tallest countries in the world, indicating a strong correlation between wealth per capita and height.

When do you stop growing

Your growing period typically stops between the age of 18 and 25, but if you want to be extra certain, go get your bones x-rayed.

Epiphyseal plates, located at the ends of the bone, are the reason why you grow taller.

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The plates are added onto rapidly during puberty resulting a growth spurt.

When you stop growing, the bone starts to ossify and the epiphyseal plates will seal themselves.

Look for the line at the end of a long bone.

There will be a distinct white line aka an epiphyseal scar, like this:

Image: dartmouth.edu

This means you have done your growing.

But hey, at the end of the day, height is a tiny part of who you are.

If you have a great personality and a dashing face, people would forget your height coz they will be looking up to your high self-esteem.


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