Here’s the age that you will no longer grow any taller


Last Updated on 2017-05-28 , 11:29 am

Admit it, all of us want to be tall. Maybe it’s cos you’re sick of not being able to see things over a crowd, getting fed-up about having things out of reach on shelves, or maybe you just think that being tall looks more attractive.

I mean, look at all those models out there, they’re mostly super tall and it makes them look really lean and nice. We have all, at least at some point in our lives, dreamt of being like them, right? As kids, we probably heard lots of silly tips and tricks about how to grow taller.

Some people said to hang from a bar to elongate your body (on hindsight that was very stupid), some told you to jump rope, and your parents probably told you to eat your vegetables (nice try). Most didn’t work, but as we got older, we started to grow naturally anyway. Some of us even probably had amazing growth spurts and ended up really satisfied with our heights. But for those of you who are still shorter than your desired height, you might ask “Am I too old to grow any further?

And the sad truth is that if you are in your late teenage years, then, yes, you might not grow anymore. The average age where growing vertically stops is approximately 16 years old for females and 18 years old for males. Our puberty ended and our bodies has fully developed, no matter how much we wish otherwise. If you are already at or beyond this age, sorry but it’s likely that you won’t grow any further.

However, this is just an average and if you’re lucky, you might be able to gain a few centimetres to your height. For those who are not yet at the age where growth stops, don’t rejoice too soon. There are many factors that can affect your growth such as stress, poor diet, and insufficient sleep. A poor diet does not provide enough nutrition for growth, so remember to consume loads of fruits and vegetables (ok, maybe our parents were right after all) and drink a lot of water.

It is also extremely important to get enough sleep because a lack of sleep can reduce the amount of growth hormones produced by the body. So yes, too old to continue growing? Don’t worry, we are all made to look different and we just have to learn to embrace every part of ourselves even if we find it undesirable at first!


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