6 Men Reportedly Robbed Over $30k in Cash from Another Man in Jurong Point Subway


A group of six men snatched $30,200 in cash from another man at Jurong Point’s Subway on 17 January.

Five men have been charged for robbery. Here’s what we know so far.

Subway Snatchers?

The group of six men had planned to rob the victim, a 39-year-old Chinese national.

The victim had met them at Subway, intending to pass money to them. We don’t know what exactly happened between the victim and the other men, but the victim’s cash of $30,200 was snatched!

A witness shared that he saw four people arguing. One person walked away, one entered Subway, and the other two men were presumably in Subway already.

The two men then appeared to pin the victim down on the floor to stop him from leaving. One man then snatched a white package and runs out of the store, while the other man slowly stands and walks away.

The victim gets up from the floor and screams for help.

Arrested By Police, Currently in Custody

The police stated that they pursued all available leads to identify and arrest the six men, despite their attempts to evade detection. Footage from police cameras played a large role in the solving of this case.

The six men have been arrested by the police and are currently assisting in investigations.

One of the men, Singaporean Tan Zhixian, committed the robbery while out on bail. He was previously charged with receiving embezzled money and carrying out illegal money remittance services.

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The other four men are Chinese nationals. They include Wang Anquan, Zhang Kexi, Zhang Xichao, and Chen Shuo.

These five men have been charged with one count of voluntarily causing hurt while committing robbery. They are currently in custody.

If found guilty, they can face five to 12 years of jail time and a minimum of 12 strokes of the cane.

The sixth man involved, Ge Teng, has not been charged yet and his nationality is unknown.

Unorthodox Situation

It’s not often that we get cases of robbery here in Singapore, but they typically target cashiers in shops and not a lone wolf, who… apparently already intended to give them money?

There was also no knives, guns or threats written on paper involved, so this seemed more like a disagreement turned into a snatch-and-go situation.


Well, no matter how unorthodox the robbery is, there’s always a lesson to learn.

Definitely don’t bring around that much money in cash. And maybe store your money in a less snatchable location when arguing with people.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News