S’pore TikToker Apologises After Accusing a Man of Ogling at Her in a TikTok Video

Everyone has that one friend who thinks that the entire world is staring at them.

At least they don’t usually film and post strangers on TikTok to accuse them of ogling, right?

That’s what Michelle Lim did, and she has since apologised for her actions. Here’s what happened.


Singaporean TikToker Michelle Lim uploaded a video with the caption “Exercise: 10 sets of staring at girls in the gym” and the hashtag “#gymcreeps”.

The video, uploaded on 19 January, seems to have been recorded with a phone placed behind a gym machine. It was recording a man in a white t-shirt from a distance, and the gym machine partially blocked the camera.

Text in the TikTok stated that she recorded the video to confirm her suspicion because the man “kept staring at [her] direction”.

She proceeded to give a running commentary through text. “Remember to sanitise before using machine guys” appeared on the screen after the man touched his nose.

Another line of text says “Watch how he slowly checks out the girl” while the man walked around the gym, then paused for a second to look in her direction.

From the video, it isn’t clear exactly what the man was looking at. But another TikTok video claims to have the answers…

Not A Creep… Just Watching Mr Bean

@dontanyhowrecord, a TikTok account that seemed to be created just to respond to Lim’s video, claims that the man wasn’t a creep. Instead, he was watching Mr Bean!

The video, allegedly filmed in the same gym, gives us a better view of where Lim was exercising. There is a TV placed above the machine where Lim seemed to have recorded her video. And yes, it was playing Mr Bean.

The anonymous TikToker even drew a white circle in the video to show us where Lim’s camera had probably been placed. Top-tier attempt at substantiation, isn’t it?

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Deleted and Apologised For The Video

Lim posted an apology statement just one day later (20 January), which detailed what happened before she started filming the man, why she decided to upload the video, and an apology to the man.

She wrote that she felt uncomfortable while doing her walking lunges since she made eye contact with the man frequently. Feeling unsafe, she decided to film him for evidence just in case anything happened to her.

Approaching the man or the staff didn’t come to her mind, as she left the gym soon after filming the video since it was getting late.

Lim also explained that she decided to edit and upload the video to show that “everyone should feel safe at a public space that is commonly dominated by the males. And females should be free to choose their outfits based on their likes and preferences and shouldn’t be judged for it”.

However, she acknowledged that this video was no concrete evidence to show that the man was staring at her, since it was filmed at an awkward angle.

She apologised for the potential harm to the man’s reputation that her video could have caused, since the man’s face was in full view.

The apology ended off by asking the man in the video to reach out to her, so that she can apologise to him personally as well.

All things considered, that is a pretty good apology, and thankfully nobody had doxxed the man before any clarification could be made.

If you ever experience your own #gymcreep moment, do approach the staff for assistance instead of making a TikTok! Not everything can be solved by call-out videos and posts after all.

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Featured Image: TikTok (michxlim and dontanyhowrecord)