There’s Now a New Starbucks in Jurong That Has Its Own Building & is Pet-Friendly

When it comes to Starbucks, there are only two camps: the die-hard supporters, and the die-hard avoiders. You can think of the drinks as either holy magical liquid or overpriced coffeeshop spinoff, nothing in between.

If you fall under the former, then I have news you’d want to pay attention to.

Pet-friendly Starbucks Opens at Jurong Lake Gardens

On Saturday (26 November), Starbucks Singapore opened a new outlet at Jurong Lake Gardens, overlooking Jurong Lake Floating Wetlands.

Here, you can enjoy your ridiculously expensive coffee (yes, I’m in the second camp) as you bask in the luscious greenery of the park. 

The store offers indoor and outdoor sitting that is sure to please everyone. 

If you’re one that wants to enjoy the green in our concrete city, then the outdoor area is definitely your cup of tea (or rather, cup of coffee).

However, if you just want to chill inside in the cozy, air-conditioned Starbucks that we’re all used to, then you’d find the inside more comfortable. 

There are many comfortable sofa chairs for you to rest on. Not to mention, the natural light flowing in from the gigantic windows, as well as the high ceilings, makes the ambience of the place so much more welcoming. 


So far, it seems like this new outlet couldn’t get better. But what if I told you it could?

For pet lovers, you can now bring your furkids with you to Starbucks!

The Starbucks Jurong Lake Gardens serve both pet owners and their pets (dogs and cats only though). 

Seeing as to how good this new outlet is, I might even go visit it now. See you there!

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Starbucks Korea: Same Same But Different

Ok, so we can all agree that the Jurong Lake Gardens Starbucks is by far their best outlet in Singapore, right? 

Well, let’s take a look at another amazingly beautiful Starbucks outlet.

Located in Korea, Starbucks opened the new Daegu Jongro Gotaek store in a century-old traditional Korean home. 

Preserving the culture and architecture of the place, Starbucks uplifted it with the modern coffee experience. 

The space is divided into two interior areas and an outdoor garden: a traditional century-old atmosphere with a view of the tranquil outdoor garden, as well as a modern area consisting of a coffee bar for beverages.

In addition, there is a separate music listening area in the corner of the store where customers can enjoy high-quality music with coffee.

If I weren’t as broke, I’d definitely head down to Korea right now. 

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