Jurong Landlord Who Charges Tenant for MCs & Leave Days Responds to the Allegations

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When you rent an apartment, I would usually expect that it would be so that you would have a place to rest and eat.

You know, a place to just live in.

Clearly it’s not the same for this one landlord in Jurong, whose numerous weird rules includes having to have your meals in the corridor.

Landlord Draws Up “Odd” Rules for Tenants

According to Shin Min Daily News, the landlord Ms Zhen had drawn up several odd rules for her tenants to abide by.

One of these rules stated that tenants under Ms Zhen cannot have their meals in the house. Instead, they will have to eat their meals on a sofa along the corridor outside.

Okay, how did she even manage to fit a sofa in the corridor?

According to Ms Zhen, she explained that it was because there was only one table meant for two people in the house. However, due to her living in the same house and there being more than one tenant, the table was not enough to fit everyone.

And so, her bright solution: to prevent the tenants from getting into a dispute regarding the usage of the table, her solution is to give none of them access.

You’ve got to applaud her…flawless logic there. Is it just me, or is she starting to sound like someone I know?

*cough* Thanos *cough*

Ms Zhen’s rental rules were first brought to public attention by one of her tenants who was seeking advice on Facebook. The tenant, a Malaysian who had just moved to Singapore for work, was perplexed about Ms Zhen’s rules which stated that he had to leave the house before 7.30am and return only after 8pm.

Image: Facebook

According to the photo he posted online, he also had to pay additional charges of $10 and $13.333 for staying home on MCs and paid leave respectively.

According to the tenant, he was not aware of these rules until he’d already paid the rent. The man has since moved out of Ms Zhen’s house, less than five days after his first rental payment.

However, he had to forfeit his 1st-month rental and deposit, which in total amounts to $800.

The tenant has since reportedly filed a police report regarding the situation.


Landlord Responds to Allegations 

According to the landlord, she had her reasons for drawing up such rules.

Ah yes, that’s always the case isn’t it?

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, 51-year-old Ms Zhen shared that she had to deal with many difficult encounters regarding rental-related issues over the past 5 years.

For example, many previous tenants had allegedly only rented her rooms in order to have a valid address for their work permit application. However, once their applications succeeded, these tenants then voided the contract and left.

Regarding the issue of tenants having to pay additional fees for staying home beyond the stipulated hours, Ms Zhen said that as she was the only female occupant of the house, she had felt uncomfortable having a male tenant staying in the whole day—be it on MC or on paid leave.

Hence, she drew up the rules for her tenants, which they would have agreed to when signing.

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So, any other bright solutions for Ms Zhen and her rental problems? I, for one, have a new proposal: simply not rent to a male tenant.

Featured Image: Facebook

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