Kang Gary, Who Suddenly Got Married in April, Has Suddenly Become a Father

Kang Gary… where do I start?

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We first met him through Korean variety show Running Man, and boy, it was almost instant.

In fact, we’ve actually seen him in real life and he’s such a darling (go all the way to the three minute mark if you just want to see Gary) .

Ensnaring the cast members and audience alike with his charisma and witty puns, he entertained us for many golden years.

Image: blake4monthsss Deviantart

But it all changed, when he declared to the world that he’ll be leaving Running Man.

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As if that wasn’t enough, he followed up with another public declaration in April: he’s getting married. 

That wasn’t just a cruel blow to all the SongJiHyo-Gary shippers; it was a fatal stab in the large intestine.

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And now, seven months after his hiatus, he has come out with yet another truth bomb.

He’s now the proud father of one.

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We thought we knew you, Kang Gary.

We were wrong.

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What exactly happened?

On 17 November, Kang Gary published a post on Chinese social media site Weibo.

“I’d like to share with everyone; this is my son! Please give Gary junior your blessings!”

The post was tagged with a picture of a baby’s feet.

Image: halyang_kanggary Instagram


Image: Meme Generator

It might not be as bad as we thought…

Shotgun… marriage?

Yet we can’t help but ponder though.

The marriage announcement was made in April, while the baby was conceived in November.

Doesn’t really add up, does it?

But hey, at least we know that Gary’s a guy who takes responsibility.

So yeah, congrats to our eternally peaceful guy here.

Having a kid is tough, but I’m sure Gary will be able to handle it.

He defeated Kim Jong Kook before, after all.

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