Don’t Say Bojio: KFC $19.95 (U.P $35.15) Delivery Exclusive Spring Cleaning Special Now Available

It’s 16 Jan, and you know what that means:

It’s time for Spring Cleaning, the mandatory DIY cleaning session that Asian parents have worshipped for centuries.

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Now I know what you’re thinking:

“But I don’t want to do Spring Cleaning. It’s so tiring. So redundant. What’s the point to it, anyway? I wanna do Winter Cleaning! Like Elsa! OOHHHHHHHHH! But no, our parents want to do it in this sweltering weather. And make us listen to CNY songs and eat bakkwa while we’re at it.”

But well, you know what they say; parents do know best, as it seems that there’s a very genuine meaning behind the entire concept of ‘spring cleaning’.

“Oh wow… what is it?”

Well, you can Google that for yourself. Anyway, in case you’re bogged down by the whole tiring prospect of “Spring Cleaning”, here’s some special news for you:

Don’t Say Bojio: KFC $19.95 (U.P $35.15) Delivery Exclusive Spring Cleaning Special Now Available.

Yes folks, Spring Cleaning might still be fatigue-inducing as ever…

But it’s gonna go down a whole lot better with a ton of chicken pieces.

Don’t Say Bojio: KFC $19.95 (U.P $35.15) Delivery Exclusive Spring Cleaning Special Now Available

Have you always had the thirstiest, hungriest appreciation for KFC‘s inaugural sharing sets?

Image: Giphy

Because if you do, you’re in for a treat.

From today onwards, KFC will be introducing a brand new delivery-exclusive Spring Cleaning Special that comprises of five pcs Chicken, two Zinger and two med Whipped Potato.

And the best part of it all?

This little gem’s going for just $19.95 (U.P. $35.15).

Image: Giphy

Less than $5/pax for a meal that screams ‘awesome!!!’?

Totally worth it.

And while we’re on the topic, you’re allowed to choose between their classic Original / Hot & Crispy flavours for those tantalising chicken pieces. So worry not about variety issues.

And It Seems That The Spring Cleaning Special’s A Hit With The Folks Too

Despite being posted just a couple of days ago, KFC’s ‘declaration of war’ has already garnered an impressive 240 likes & reactions and 143 shares.

The post has also collected a smooth 83 comments, most of which were essentially ‘open jios’ to the wider audience. Some, however, varied from the norm:

Image: Facebook (KFC)

And one even proved supportive of KFC’s original ‘intention’:

Image: Facebook (KFC)

So well, I guess we can say;


KFC’s latest venture has really worked in all aspects.

And So… What Are You Waiting For?

Granted, Spring Cleaning might be a real chore, but hey;

It’s the place you’re living in, so you’re really just helping yourself.

And besides, with KFC’s latest promotion to aid you through your venture…

We dare say that Spring Cleaning has never been easier…


Nor tastier.

Image: Facebook (KFC)

P.S. Do note down the Terms & Conditions.

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