KFC Just Brought Back the Hot Devil Drumlets & It Could Be Due to Twitter


If you’re old like me, you’ll remember KFC’s Hot Devil Drumlets: they’re like McDonald’s spicy nuggets or twister fries, a temporary menu that went off even when everyone loved them.

And if you’ve been waiting for its return, here’s the good news: these fiery gems are back.

You can either get 4 pieces of it at $4.90, or $6.90 for the Hot Devil Drumlets Meal.

Image: kfc.com.sg
Image: kfc.com.sg

Now, unlike other new items, this comeback isn’t exactly a secret: news of it coming back has been in social media in the last few weeks.

You see, Mr Farhan, who works in IT, decided to do something for fun: when the dish was removed from the menu in 2014, he started Tweeting to the KFC Twitter account, replying to their Tweets with demands for a comeback of the Hot Devil Drumlets.

This “fun” Farhan had even made it to international news outlets.

Eventually, before KFC Singapore released the news, they decided to make Farhan the drumlets’ ambassador by letting him be the first to know about the release, and also the first to try it out (again.

Image: Farhan Adam Borst
Image: Farhan Adam Borst

And just for your info, KFC Singapore kept their promise.

Image: tnp.sg

Anyone interested to do something about McDonald’s Twitter Fries? How can they be in the menu for only a few months every year?

Mr Farhan, can you do something about that, please?

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Featured Image: YouTube (KFCSingapore)