The Reason Why KFC’s New Meatless Chicken Burger Isn’t Vegan


Previously, KFC announced their new meatless chicken burger, and people went cray-cray.

Image: KFC

A chicken burger without chicken? Isn’t that like a nasi lemak burger without nasi?!

Well, turns out, it’s not as “vegan” as we thought it’ll be, and here’s the reason why.

The Reason Why KFC’s New Meatless Chicken Burger Isn’t Vegan

According to 8Days, the KFC PR representatively revealed that KFC’s new meatless chicken burger isn’t vegan or vegetarian-friendly.

It’s because the meat-free mycoprotein (a form of protein derived from fermented fungus) fried “chicken” patty is fried in the same oil as some chicken products.

The mayonnaise used in the burger is also not vegan.

So, Why A Meat-Free Burger?

According to KFC’s Senior Director of Marketing & Food Innovation, Juliana Lim, the reason why KFC Singapore is releasing a meat-free burger that isn’t vegan is because of the trend for meat-alternative products.

“We see a trend towards flexitarianism and increased demand for meat alternative products, so we wanted to offer a meat-free option but still keeping the same great KFC taste.”

Unlike vegetarian products, which are targeted at vegetarians, meat-free products are made to look like meat, taste like meat and be marketed to meat-eating customers to replace some of their food items.


The KFC’s meatless chicken burger reportedly looks like the real thing and the taste is said to be “very similar to the real thing” with its fibrous, meat-like texture.

The mycoprotein meat-free patty, made with Colonel’s Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices, is nestled in between two toasted sesame buns.

Image: KFC

The scrumptious creation is then topped with fresh lettuce, sliced cheese, and a dollop of tangy BBQ sauce.

However, whether it will tempt a meat lover over to the other side or not remains to be seen.

For those who want to try it for yourself, the Zero Chicken Burger will be available from 13 Jan for a limited time only.

Customers can enjoy the burger a la carte for $6.55, or with a meal at $8.65.

Image: KFC

The new burger is available for dine-in, takeaway, and KFC delivery at all outlets islandwide except those at the Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Zoo.

Feature Image: KFC