Woman Who Spat at KFC Staff During Circuit Breaker Pleads Guilty


In about slightly under three months’ time, a one-year anniversary will (likely not) be celebrated.

Because it’s almost been a year since the era of the circuit breaker.

Reader: Boo!

Yeah, no one liked it, but it certainly saw certain…odd events happening during that time.

Woman Spat at KFC Staff Last Year

Like that time a woman spat at a KFC staff.

It’s been a while so here’s the rundown.

On 22 April 2020, a woman went to the KFC outlet at Nex and placed her order.

This was around 12.40pm that day.

The woman has since been identified as Lin Si Ting, 43.

After six minutes, she approached the counter and began shouting, demanding that her food be served immediately, TNP reported.

The service manager came to explain there were orders ahead of hers.

After being told to wait five more minutes, she got even angrier and demanded a refund.

The service manager agreed and asked for the receipt…

…which Lin decided to throw at her.

Image: The Len / Shutterstock.com

Lin then pulled her mask down to her chin and her hand reached out, shouting vulgarities at her and making threats.

She even told the service manager that she would wait for her and her whole family to die.


Lin proceeded to spit at her twice and left with the refund, only to come back shortly after to claim she was shortchanged.

When the service manager confirmed the amount was correct Lin began shouting again as the former’s colleagues called the police.

Lin left before the police arrived.

You can watch the video here:

Appeared In Court And Pleaded Guilty

On 28 Jan 2021, the offender appeared in court.


She was charged with an account of harassment and using criminal force against the service manager.

A third charge relating to COVID-19 regulations is also being considered.

She is currently being treated for schizophrenia and the district judge has called for a report to determine Lin’s suitability for a mandatory treatment order.

Should the need arise, Lin will undergo psychiatric treatment for a maximum of 24 months.

She will be back in court on 25 Feb for sentencing.

Lin can be fined up to S$5,000, jailed up to six months or both for intentional harassment.


Using criminal force could also land her additional three months of jail, a fine of S$1,500 or both.

Featured Image: YouTube (The Star)