Woman Caught on Video Spitting at KFC Staff in nex; KFC Has Made a Police Report & Cleaned the Outlet


Like my colleague said, the Covid-19 pandemic has an interesting side effect.

It seems to regress people back to their teens. And not in a good way.

Previously, it was a 56-year-old man who decided that eating out is the new cool. And now, it’s a lady at KFC who just couldn’t help but gift her saliva to others.

What Happened

On 22 Apr 2020, a video of an incident at the KFC outlet at NEX shopping mall went viral.

It showed a female customer in a yellow top shouting at a KFC staff in front of the counter.

Image: Facebook

Her mask was pulled down to her chin and her hand reached out threateningly towards the staff as she shouts.

Image: Giphy

Another lady in red was definitely not standing one-metre away from the angry lady.

Image: Giphy

And just before she left, she cursed the staff’s entire family “to die” and spat at her twice before stomping away.

Image: Giphy

All within an 11 seconds video. You’ve got to admit, that takes talent.

The video garnered over 18,000 shares in 16 hours.

Wasn’t Known What She Was Angry About

In the video, it wasn’t known what set her off but from the words she was shouting at the KFC staff, it might have something to do with having to “wait”.

Here’s a transcript of what she shouted:

Nobody will scared.

Don’t let people wait like that.

Wait for you to die *points threateningly at staff*


Wait for your whole family to die.

Pui. Pui.

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KFC has responded to the incident

A spokesperson for KFC confirmed that there was an incident between a customer and a staff manager at its NEX outlet.

KFC has lodged a police report over the incident and the staff is now off-duty and resting at home.

The outlet has also been cleaned and sanitised after the incident, KFC assures, and ask that customers remember to keep safe distancing measures when coming out to get their meals.


“At KFC, we take the safety of our staff and customers seriously. We would like to remind all customers to maintain safe distancing and to wear a mask as required by the authorities.”

Previously, a man had also attempted to online shame staff at Texas Chicken because he waited too long for his food.

Too bad for him, another customer was recording his actions and put it online to shame him instead.

Image: Giphy

At the end of the day? Be kind to everyone. We’re all struggling in different ways to get through this period.

Don’t be a CB, just obey CB.