West Mall KFC Sent Free Meal with Extra Goodies After Customer Received Burnt Wraps From Them


You know that sigh of frustration when something goes wrong with your fast food delivery?

Either they’ve missed an item out, or they’ve gotten the order wrong, or the food’s gotten all soggy.

It’s probably the same sigh that a certain customer let out after their KFC order came, burnt and looking like someone ate the ingredients but decided to leave the wrap.

Customer Ordered KFC, Received a Burnt Wrap

On Sunday (13 June), a dissatisfied customer turned to Facebook to complain about his GrabFood delivery order from KFC West Mall that went wrong.

The Facebook user, Md Salem Kamsani, explained that he had ordered two Twister Wraps from KFC West Mall through the food delivery platform GrabFood.

He then proceeded to express his disappointment with the food that had been delivered to him: not only had one of the wraps had been “badly burnt on both sides”, but the other wrap was also “under-filled”.


Meaning, it had a measly amount of ingredients within the wrap.

The customer was not kidding at all.

Image: Facebook (Md Salem Kamsani)

In the photos that accompanied his post, a wrap that had been burnt black could be seen, with the black patch practically covering the entire wrap.

Another photo featured the “under-filled” wrap, where the size of the chicken inside was all but the size of one’s palm.

Image: Facebook (Md Salem Kamsani)

That has got to be the saddest looking wrap I’ve ever seen.

However, the customer’s displeasure didn’t end there.

In his post, Salem wrote that he had tried to reach out to KFC through email to notify them about the issue, but did not get the response he expected.

In KFC’s reply to him, they apologised for “not keep[ing] up with the food standards” and said that they “regret this happened”. However, instead of offering any form of compensation, they instead directed Salem to report the incident with GrabFood.

Image: Facebook (Md Salem Kamsani)

“However, we note that you have placed your KFC order via Grab Platform. Hence, you need to get in touch with Grab Food as you order record is with them,” the company wrote in their email reply.

They even oh-so-kindly provided Salem with the GrabFood hotline.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like they’re saying “sorry this happened to you, but it’s not my problem!”

Of course, given that the bad food order was likely due to an error from the KFC kitchen crew, this initial email response from KFC didn’t satisfy anyone.

“Totally DISAPPOINTED!!” wrote Salem in his post.

Saved By Good Service Recovery

Looks like KFC finally realised that it probably was their problem, because they eventually did a follow-up on the incident.


In a later update, Salem shared that he had received a call from KFC West Mall’s manager responding to their complaint two days later.

To apologise for the incident, the manager, “Nicole”, had also sent over a complimentary KFC breakfast meal on the morning of 15 June. The delivery included three set meals consisting of two KFC wraps, a breakfast set and three drinks.

Image: Facebook (Md Salem Kamsani)

That’s not all—Manager Nicole’s “service recovery” also included a face mask and a bar of KitKat packed into a ziplock bag, accompanied by a pink heart-shaped post-it with a smiley face sticker.

“Complimentary Breakfast Meal delivered !! Thank You Nicole for the call,” posted Salem on Facebook.

I gather from his thumbs-up and smiley face emojis that he was satisfied with the service at the end!

Featured Image: Facebook (Md Salem Kamsani)


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