Here Are Some of the Public Responses from WP Members After Raeesah Khan’s Bombshell Hearing

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If you had a particularly wild Friday night and just woke up, you may not be aware of the second bombshell the former Worker’s Party (WP) MP Raeesah Khan let out in parliament.

Among other things, Khan claimed that she was essentially advised by senior WP members to continue with her lie in parliament after she informed them that the anecdote she had recounted earlier in parliament about accompanying a rape victim to the police station had been untrue.

WP Chief Pritam Singh and party chair Sylvia Lim allegedly directed her not to respond to the police when they asked for assistance into investigations over the matter.

Now, some party members are weighing in on the issue.

Former WP NCMP Daniel Goh Says Latest Allegations Against WP are “F**ked Up”

Former WP Non-Constituency MP Daniel Goh took to Facebook to express his shock at the recent allegations, saying it has shaken him.

“I am not able to sleep, this is so so so f**ked up,” he wrote.

In an earlier post which has since been taken down, Goh said the WP has been imploding “with an own goal that keeps scoring.”

“I have been crying for the past hour seeing two of our best members, super dedicated young persons who gave so much to the party without any benefit, completely terrified but so incredibly incredibly brave in speaking the truth in front of the (Committee of Privileges),” he wrote.

Associate Professor Goh was referring to Ms Loh Pei Ying, former secretarial assistant to Ms Khan, and Mr Yudhishthra Nathan, a volunteer, who gave testimony during the hearing on Friday (3 Dec) too.

Last month, Associate Professor Goh went against the tide when he called on Khan not to resign but to continue serving “quietly” and take responsibility for her transgression.

“She needs to take responsibility for this grave transgression and resigning will be too easy and walking away from that responsibility,” he wrote.

In response to his comments last month, WP said it would look into his actions.

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Mixed Responses

According to The Straits Timesother party members had joined Associate Professor Goh in criticising party leaders, with some even calling for Low Thia Khiang to reclaim his position as party chief.

Others were sceptical about Khan’s claims, pointing out that she had already lied several times in parliament.

In a WP press conference before these revelations, the party said they had indeed known about Khan’s lie in August.

Party chief Singh said Khan initially lied to him, but when she came clean and revealed that she too had been a victim of sexual assault, he decided to give her space.


While she did not attend parliamentary sessions in September due to shingles, the party said it had advised Khan to make clarifications in Parliament. Khan, however, had repeated her lie.

Perhaps the best approach is that of former Non-Constituency MP Yee Jenn Jong’s: “I prefer to wait and listen to different sides of a story before jumping to any conclusions. The sitting is not over but there seems to be a rush to publish as if all that is to be said is out already.”

At the time of writing, none of the party’s leaders have responded to the revelations, but it should only be a matter of time.

According to The Straits Times, this SMS has been sent to all WP members in English and Mandarin: “The party would like to assure all of you that the allegations made at the Parliament Committee of Privileges will be responded to in due course.”

Prepare your popcorn.


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