Kid Nearly Drowned Because Mum Was Busy Playing Pokémon GO


Ever since technology has become more developed and mobile phones allowed us to have access to almost everything, people have turned into tech zombies with their eyes always glued to their phones.

Then came, the popular augmented reality game, Pokemon Go which converted, even more, people to constantly have their phones in their hands and eyes on the screen.

While it’s perfectly fine to spend your time playing a game that you really like or work towards the goal of becoming the ultimate Pokemon Master by catching virtual creatures, it should be known that everything should come with a limit. After all, like our mothers often said, too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

If you’ve been following the news, you would have seen multiple bizarre news of what the world has come to due to Pokemon Go. Some incidents included the massive stampede that happened in Taiwan where we saw a huge crowd of people running across a road junction. It was almost like a scene from The Walking Dead.


Such inconsiderate actions may lead to unfortunate accidents and we can only pray and hope that players would learn to draw the line between the reality and the virtual world.

Another frowned upon incident that happened recently brings us to Hanoi, Vietnam where a mother who was an avid fan brought her toddler son to a popular tourist spot where many Pokemon was said to be lurking around.


Unfortunately, she got distracted and left her one-year-old child aside where a strong wind blew her son who was in a stroller into a lake nearby. You’re probably wondering where her priorities are right?

Passers-by nearby were quick on their feet and quickly dashed into the lake to save the toddler who almost drowned while his mother stood on the shore, shocked and speechless.





It was later learnt that the toddler was unhurt but could you imagine how scared, cold and wet the child was? We’re not blaming the incident on Pokemon Go but the players as we’re all responsible for our own actions. It’s ok to play the game but hey, it’s definitely not ok when it cause lives to be in danger.


The Vietnamese Ministry has also taken actions and spoke about the influence Pokemon Go has on the citizens that were not only causing harm to themselves but to others as well. Actions included the banning of players from being ‘near or inside the areas of offices of the Communist Party, the state, the military and national defence sites and other restricted areas’.

Thousands of engrossed Vietnamese were swept up in a frenzy and is said to cause more bad than good influence and being distracted by the game on the road has led to incidents such as traffic accidents, stumbled on objects, got robbed or wandered into dangerous locations.

Let’s hope the mother does learn her lesson and fortunately, didn’t turn the incident fatal.

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