Kids Sneak Into S’pore Taxi’s Car Boot; The Driver Didn’t Even Notice


Yes, no kidding. This incident occurred in Singapore.

As children, we have a knack for playing games like Truth or Dare, but these group of teenagers took it one way too far when one of them decided to sneak into a CityCab driver’s car boot as a prank.

In a recent Facebook post by Singaporing, the video footage showed a group of Caucasian kids boarding the taxi. Together with the help of his friend, one of the Caucasian kid then slipped to the boot of the taxi while his friends were boarding the car.

And you must be wondering – the taxi driver didn’t even notice it the whole time? Then who opened the car boot in the first place?

The footage also garnered quite a number of comments from netizens.

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And also some who didn’t take it as lightly.

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After viewing the video a couple of times, we speculated that the incident mostly likely occurred at Orchard Road along the road between Paragon and Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Since the prank took around 2-3 mins to execute, someone would have seen the whole process – including the driver that filmed this video.

This also begs the question – why the hell didn’t anyone stop them?

And, if the driver really wasn’t aware about this, we reckon that he’s going to get into a hell lot of trouble if anything happens to the Caucasian boy. Imagine if the driver jam breaks and the boy suffers a concussion.

Who’s going to be responsible then?

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