Rumours of Kim Jong Un’s Failing Health Intensify After China Allegedly Sent Medical Experts to North Korea


The Covid-19 virus outbreak might’ve hogged global headlines for as long as one can remember, but something else has been stirring in the background for a while now; shady, lurking and potentially world-changing.

Lest you’re unaware of what I’m implying, I’m talking, of course, about…

Kim Jong Un’s seemingly deteriorating health.

Yes folks, North Korea’s beloved leader has certainly come under (even more) scrutiny in recent weeks, with his health now established as a debate point in most gossiping households.

After photos of the cute-looking leader looking a little more bloated than usual surfaced on the Internet, Netizens have been quick to speculate:

Is Kim Jong Un’s health condition genuinely on the decline?


Well, only the North Korean leader and his knights of the round leader would know for sure. Though if nothing else…

The allegation that China had sent medical experts to access the situation in North Korean has only added fuel to the fire.

Rumours of Kim Jong Un’s Failing Health Intensify After China Allegedly Sent Medical Experts to North Korea

According to ReutersChina has posted a team, including medical experts, to North Korea to advise on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

This is in accordance with three people purportedly knowledgeable about the circumstances. Reuters, however, is unable to pinpoint what the trip exactly signifies.

The allegations have yet to be confirmed.

Maybe they’re there to bring Yoon Se-ri home. Who knows.

According to sources, a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party’s International Liaison Department had led a delegation for North Korea from Beijing on 23 April. The department’s reportedly the main Chinese body that has been interacting with North Korea.

China is North Korea’s chief ally, and has proved an economic lifeline for the otherwise impoverished country.

It’s thought that China has an avid interest in the stability of North Korea, with which it shares a long border.

Downplayed Earlier Reports

Earlier on, several reports had suggested that Kim was in immediate danger after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure on 12 April.


These allegations were, however, shot down by South Korean government officials, as well as a Chinese official with the Liaison Department. According to South Korean officials, no signs of “unusual activity” had been detected in North Korea.

U.S. President Donald Trump, too, has downplayed the reports. “I think the report was incorrect,” Trump told reporters. He declined to reveal whether he had been in correspondence with North Korean officials. As you probably know by now, back in 2018 and 2019, Trump had held summits with Kim to convince the latter to give up North Korea’s nuclear weapons, with one being held in our sunny island.

Thereafter, a South Korean source told Reuters that based off their intelligence reports, Kim was alive and is likely to make an appearance soon.

This is not the first time Kim has disappeared from coverage in North Korean state media: back in 2014, he was quiet for more than a month before he was later revealed to be walking with a limp on North Korean state TV.

The North Korean leader is believed to be a heavy smoker whose family history has had a host of cardiovascular problems. His own father, Kim Jong Il had suffered a stroke back in 2008.


Additionally, Kim Jong Un has allegedly gained a significant amount of weight since he came to power, an aspect that served to fan speculations about his health status.


Rumours That His Condition Is Fatal

Previously, reputable news outlet CNN had reported on the state of the North Korean leader, which garnered attention all around the world.

“Kim Jong Un is in critical condition following cardiovascular surgery, and the administration is watching closely,” they reported.

A representative of the Blue House has also stated: “We haven’t observed a unique trend in North Korea. But we’re keeping a close eye on the fact that he didn’t appear on Kim Il Sung’s birthday.“

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Korean Peninsula expert and Chairman of the board of WNPF (The World and Northeast Asia Peace Forum) has also quoted a source revealing that Kim Jong Un’s condition is likely to be a fatal one.

“Kim Jong Un’s health condition is very serious, and just this morning, the North Korean administration came to the conclusion that it will be impossible for him to recover,” he said.


He also implored for the necessary diplomatic measures to be adopted.

“We have to separate all the risks that the news of his passing will bring and prepare countermeasures fo reach scenario,” he urged.

“Until Kim Jong Un reappears as North Korea’s executive of state affairs, we have to assume he has passed away and take necessary diplomatic measures.”

What Now?

While the Covid-19 virus outbreak has certainly been the number-one concern all around the world, the deteriorating state of Kim Jong Un should not be taken lightly. And in the event that the North Korean Leader does submit to his alleged ‘condition’, one has to contemplate the next step here:



According to sources, it’s thought that his younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, will take over power. Kim, who’s considered to be the most powerful woman in North Korea according to a 2019 National Interest Investigation, has served as chief of staff and confidante to her older brother. She was also vital in procuring his image in her role as a director of the country’s propaganda department, and has appeared in the media more often in recent years.

Image: MEAWW

However, North Korea politics is considered patriarchal, and a woman might not be considered the right fit to become leader. That means Kim’s wife, a former cheerleader and singer, will also be ineligible in that regard.

If so, Kim Jong Un’s older brother, Kim Jong Chol, will be likely to lead the line. According to sources, Kim Jong Chol was passed over by his father in terms of successor selection, and is considered too “girlish” to lead. In fact, he looks like a South Korea K-pop star:

Image: Veja

Should Kim Jong Un pass away, academics speculate that this could be the end of the family’s 72-year rule.

Though of course, there’s the possibility that Kim Jong Chol might become a puppet, with someone else leading the lines from behind the curtains.