McDonald’s Closing All Outlets Until 4 May ; Even Delivery Won’t Be Available

If you’re someone who loves McDonald’s, and you’ll get constipated without your daily McSpicy, I’ve got bad news for you.

McDonald’s Singapore will be temporarily closed until 4 May 2020.

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Ministry Of Health Advised Them To Stop Operations Temporarily

On 19 Apr, McDonald’s Singapore uploaded a devastating post onto their Facebook Page.

They said that upon the advice of the Ministry of Health (MOH), they have decided to suspend all operations including McDelivery and Drive-Thru in Singapore until 4 May 2020.

The suspension will start from 11am today, so if you’re thinking of trying to get your last McDonald’s breakfast item in, their last Drive-Thru order is at 8am, and McDelivery, at 10.30am.

Now, you’re wondering, why McDonald’s Singapore specifically? 

A Series Of Unfortunate Events For McDonald’s S’pore

On 12 Apr, it was reported that 5 McDonald’s employees were tested positive for Covid-19.

They were working in different branches but it turns out that they were roommates, which resulted in them spreading the coronavirus to one another.

Then, McDonald’s had advised customers to wear masks when going to their stores (this was before masks became mandatory).

Then on 17 Apr, McDonald’s announced that they will not be providing takeaway service to Singaporeans until 4 May 2020.

The only services available will be McDelivery and Drive-Thru.

It was reported that McDonald’s will continue paying the salaries of employees (including seniors) whose job is disrupted due to Covid-19.

A day after McDonald’s stopped people from going to their outlets, it was reported that 2 more McDonald’s employees have tested positive for the coronavirus.

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They’re a 74-year-old Singaporean who works at the Changi Airport Terminal 3 outlet and a 36-year-old Chinese national who works in the Shell Tampines drive-thru outlet.

Goodbye, McDonald’s Singapore, we will definitely miss you.

Image: Giphy

In the meantime, if you intend to have instant noodles for the rest of the Circuit Breaker period because your only comfort food is burgers and instant noodles, don’t. Watch this video and you’d understand:

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